inFamous 2 Videos

VideoSucker Punch invites you to inFamous 2 event

Free inFamous 2 Mission UGC Workshops!

VideoinFamous 2 UGC tools shown off

How to make your own missions.

VideoShocking inFamous 2 combat footage

Brought in from the Cole.

VideoinFamous 2 vid trails Cole's dark side

Welcome to the karma initiative.

VideoEG Expo: inFamous 2 presentation

Sucker Punch gets amped up.

VideoFull inFamous 2 intro cut-scene

As seen at the Eurogamer Expo.

VideoinFamous 2 gameplay

Amping it up.

VideoSucker Punch shows off inFamous 2

Super-sized powers for hire.

VideoComic-con gets an inFamous 2 cut-Scene

A beautiful corpse of a town.

VideoinFamous 2 at Comic-Con

The Sucker Punch staff talk about Comic-Con.

VideoinFamous 2: first gameplay footage

We got chills, they're electrifying.

VideoinFamous 2 due out next year

Back to the Cole face.

VideoGran Turismo 5 out in November

Um - believe it when we see it?