App of the Day: Incoboto

Incoboto's iTunes blurb suggests a game made "in the spirit of Ico and Portal", but "in the spirit of Pikmin and Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom" would be more accurate (if not quite as catchy). There's something of Captain Olimar's intergalactic isolation in astronaut hero Inco - and his symbiotic relationship with Helios, the last remaining sun in the universe, echoes Game Republic's underrated puzzle-adventure Majin. Both games feature an innocent but powerful sidekick accompanying you through bleak, empty worlds, and both characters communicate in twee toddler-speak.

Helios is the last of his kind because a mysterious evil corporation - is there ever any other kind? - has carelessly let the others burn out. Your job, then, is to gradually relight the galaxy, solving puzzles across a series of planetoids that are connected by sun gates. These lie dormant until you collect enough sun pieces so that Helios can power them.

At first, the most interesting thing about Incoboto is its controls. You slide your finger left and right to move Inco, and either tap or swipe upwards to jump. Place another finger slightly away from the first and you can bring up a circular scanner to read descriptions of objects, or to search for hidden items. The screen sparkles to let you know their approximate whereabouts, and it's just a case of moving your fingers until the circle spins and glows brightly and the secret is revealed.

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