App of the Day: INC

App of the Day: INC

Booster gold.

Orange Pixel is one of those small but surprisingly prolific design teams working across both iOS and Android platforms. It turns out simple arcade games for the most part, but while its stuff tends not to be particularly interested in shattering boundaries and reinventing genres, most of it boasts a warm, retro-tinged familiarity that can be hard to beat on an early morning commute.

Orange Pixel's has made auto-runners and scrolling shooters, but my favourite is probably INC, a stylish platformer with a distinct, largely monochrome art aesthetic, and weird, block-headed characters. To me, it looks a lot like a pixely Judge Dredd, though that may not have been what the studio was actually going for.

It's the distant future again, corporations are in, and not having your soul transferred into a robot is out. (I'm talking about the game, BTWby the way. You haven't just been asleep for quite a long time.) That's about as much of INC's set-up as I could fathom. As ever, the really important stuff isn't plot plot-related anyway.

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