Inazuma Eleven News

Level-5 responds to Sega's lawsuit over Inazuma Eleven

Points out its soccer series started before the patent, plus touch screen controls are "very basic."

New Inazuma Eleven game for 3DS

Wacky football RPG series continues.

UK Top 40: Deus Ex dethrones Zumba

Rugby World Cup enters in third.

Out This Week - 26/08/11

Deus Ex! Tropico! Inazuma! Rugby!

Level-5 ponders which titles to localise

Layton vs. Ace Attorney? Ni no Kuni?

Inazuma Eleven UK release date

DS footy RPG finally kicks off.

Inazuma Eleven heading to Europe

Nintendo to publish Level-5's footie RPG.

Inazuma 11, Ni no Kuni heading West

Level-5's got more to offer than Layton.

Level 5 doing football RPG

DS fans do Mexican wave.