Videoilomilo DLC gameplay revealed

Autumn Tale add-on launches next week.


You, me and the cubes.

Videoilomilo - first 15 minutes

We play XBLA's secret new game.

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5th January 2011


16th November 2009

Ilomilo announcement trailer

First games for Windows 8 store spotted - report

Ms Splosion Man, Toy Soldiers, ilomilo coming to PC?

Ms Splosion Man, Toy Soldiers, Hydro Thunder and Ilomilo are among the first batch of games to go on sale in Microsoft's forthcoming Windows 8 store, according to an insider source.

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Quilty entertainment.

With Eurogamer reviews editor Oli Welsh on holiday in Cuba at the moment, no doubt partaking of some fine socialised medicine and sleeping under cigars, it falls to me to remind you that nothing much of any consequence is being distributed to the gaming public this week.



You, me and the cubes.

ilo and milo (lower case: it's important) are safkas, red and blue thumb-shaped creatures with tiny arms and legs and one long curly hair sticking out of the top of their heads. They're the best of friends but they keep finding themselves separated by the mazes of cubes that make up their world. To get back to each other they need to call upon the help of a fashion-forward Frenchman who rides a ladybird, walk across stretchy cuboid dogs in Pringle sweaters, drop through trapdoors with faces drawn on in crayon, and ride creatures that like to eat square apples.

It might sound like Noel Fielding pitching a new show to CBeebies, but in truth, ilomilo is not as self-consciously wacky as it sounds – barring some interstitial non sequiturs that feel slightly forced in their weirdness. It's charming and occasionally funny, and the spelling and grammatical errors simply add to the homespun feel. Its whimsical, hand-crafted aesthetic looks almost like a Michel Gondry-directed stop-motion kids' show. In case you were wondering, that's a good thing.

There's something of Ocean Software classic Head Over Heels in the set-up: your job is to guide ilo and milo to each other by switching from one character to the other. Rather than making your way through isometric environments, however, you need to negotiate increasingly complex structures made entirely from soft fabric cubes. Neither has any unique ability; you simply have to reunite the pair by making clever use of the special blocks on each stage.

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