Illust Logic DS

Illust Logic DS + Colorful Logic

Illust Logic DS + Colorful Logic

The Slitherlink of Picross.

Hudson Soft does it again. Picross, done perfectly. Trying to fathom the logic of UK games publishers, and that none of them have picked up the Hudson Soft Puzzle Series, will only hurt your brain. A collection of the most sublime puzzlers, fearfully and wonderfully made, so very perfect for the DS. It only gets more bemusing when you realise that most of these games - Sudoku, Akari, Kakuro, Picross, and of course Slitherlink - appear in national newspapers, magazines and probably the backs of shampoo bottles. Do they not like making money or something?

So of course our constant lament here is that there's no UK release of Slitherlink, despite Tom and me campaigning for it like it's being held hostage by terrorists. So here's another game to get into the same confused frenzy over.

For reasons someone else will explain, Picross is called Illust Logic in Japan, and for the sake of being clear, I'll refer to it as Picross throughout. Are we familiar with that now? Nintendo's own Picross DS has been enormously popular, making it into the 2007 EG Top 50, and reaching a much wider UK audience than the aged puzzle has managed before. Nintendo have always been great at offering Picross, going back to the gorgeous (Japanese only) Mario Picross games on GameBoy and SNES (don't forget to download the SNES version to your Wii). But the title for the best execution is now handed over the Hudson, with a version that demonstrates quite how much Picross DS gets wrong.

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