Icycle: On Thin Ice

Icycle: On Thin Ice review

Icycle: On Thin Ice review

Freeze a jolly good fellow.

"Hello?" A naked man on a tiny bicycle utters this plaintive question, and it echoes across a frozen wasteland, a little hint of desperation lifting the last syllable as it goes. Who is he? What does he want?

The answers are both irrelevant and yet strangely affecting. When we first meet him he's built a snowlady and is puckering up to kiss her, only for her head to fall off and roll away. He's sad? Lonely? Aroused by snow? Details don't matter - what matters is that it's up to us to guide this pedalling streaker through a series of small platforming challenges, collecting ice cubes as we go.

Control is simple - left and right, a tap to jump, hold it down to glide on an umbrella. From these basic inputs, one-man developer Damp Gnat weaves a dizzying procession of precision obstacles, physics-based trials and gentle exploratory puzzling.

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