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FeatureHydrophobia: We did get a few things wrong

Dark Energy Digital on fixing its baby.

When Xbox Live Arcade game Hydrophobia was released to disappointing review scores, Manchester developer Dark Energy Digital hit back. Now, three months after release, DED has slashed the price of the game and prepared what it believes is a "quite remarkable" update, all with a crystal clear message: We have listened.


Swept away with Blade's kingdom by the sea.

The real star of Hydrophobia isn't female lead Kate, but the water that rapidly floods the environments and influences almost every aspect of gameplay. This isn't about pretty water reflections that merely slow a characters' movement, nor is it about taking games back to that period where every adventure game had to have an underwater level, just because it could. The water in Hydrophobia is more than that - it acts as a weapon, a key, transportation and an entire control system that the player uses to influence, change and conquer the environment.