Human Defense

App of the Day: Human Defense

App of the Day: Human Defense

Spleen and not hurt.

Being a morbid and even a maudlin sort, I'm right up for games set deep within the human body. I want to race nano-bots through bustling arteries, grapple-jump across sparking synapses, and score complex multipliers deep inside the medulla oblongata. The body has great brand awareness, really: surely somebody wants to make the most of that?

Long story short: Human Defense, is a tower defence offering that sees you protecting vital organs from the onslaught of viral menace by laying down turrets, controlling the flow of vital nutrients, and keeping all manner of horrible creeps away from the likes of your lungs, heart, and muscle tissue.

It's a grim kind of notion, perhaps, but it's delivered with bright colours and some chunky, rather slippery visuals. Behind the nice initial conceit lurks a surprisingly smart tactical experience, too, and one that brings a handful of semi-original wrinkles to the tower defence genre.

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