Homefront Videos

Video | Homefront DLC vid shows new levels

San Francisco-set Rock map pack.

Digital Foundry | Homefront PC/PS3 Face-Off

Dramatic differences between PS3 and the computer builds.

Digital Foundry | Homefront PC/360 Face-Off

Console against computer in this FPS shoot-out.

Digital Foundry | Homefront PS3/360 Face-Off

Kaos Studios' high profile shooter compared on console.

Digital Foundry | Homefront PS3/360 Performance Analysis

THQ's shooter on both console platforms analysed.

Video | Homefront trailer plots "future history"

"Begins today with war in the Middle East."

Video | Homefront launch trailer rolls out

Eurogamer's review landing tomorrow.

Video | Live-action Homefront teaser trailer

Families fire RPGs from school buses.

Video | Dark and brutal new Homefront trailer

From one of Apocalypse Now's scribes.

Video | Explosive new Homefront dev diary

Multiplayer! Weapons! Vehicles!

Video | Kaos talks the world of Homefront

America, post-Korean invasion.

Video | Homefront played by 32 people

Mainwaring the back line.