Homefront Videos

VideoHomefront DLC vid shows new levels

San Francisco-set Rock map pack.

Digital FoundryHomefront PC/PS3 Face-Off

Dramatic differences between PS3 and the computer builds.

Digital FoundryHomefront PC/360 Face-Off

Console against computer in this FPS shoot-out.

Digital FoundryHomefront PS3/360 Face-Off

Kaos Studios' high profile shooter compared on console.

Digital FoundryHomefront PS3/360 Performance Analysis

THQ's shooter on both console platforms analysed.

VideoHomefront trailer plots "future history"

"Begins today with war in the Middle East."

VideoHomefront launch trailer rolls out

Eurogamer's review landing tomorrow.

VideoLive-action Homefront teaser trailer

Families fire RPGs from school buses.

VideoHomefront urges you fight for freedom

America's freedom, anyway.

VideoDark and brutal new Homefront trailer

From one of Apocalypse Now's scribes.

VideoExplosive new Homefront dev diary

Multiplayer! Weapons! Vehicles!

VideoKaos talks the world of Homefront

America, post-Korean invasion.

VideoHomefront played by 32 people

Mainwaring the back line.

VideoHomefront E3 2010 trailer

Korea progression.