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Homefront: The Revolution resurfaces, set for big March update

Homefront: The Revolution resurfaces, set for big March update

PS4 Pro support, HDR and the third and final DLC.

Remember Homefront: The Revolution, the open-world shooter that came out last year but failed to set tills alight? It's back, this time with a major new update due out in March.

The developers at UK studio Dambuster, formerly Crytek UK (Crysis multiplayer) and before that Free Radical Design (Haze and Timesplitters) have stuck with the game and beavered away at its third and final DLC, Beyond the Walls.

"We can't wait for you to get your hands on it, it's certainly going to be a breath of fresh air," the developer said in a blog post on the Homefront website.

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Homefront: The Revolution patch finally fixes console performance

Dambuster Studios' technically ambitious game - Homefront: The Revolution - may have been just too taxing in its original form for console hardware. As impressive as it was visually, console frame-rates suffered badly at launch, with wildly fluctuating performance marring the experience. When it comes to first person shooters, 30fps really should be the minimum - and if you're dropping below 20fps, you've got problems.

Previously, we highlighted some genuine progress with Homefront: The Revolution's ongoing optimisation, where the developers were able to hand in performance improvements of up to 25 per cent in patch 1.06. However, despite the promising improvements, we were still some way off the game's target 30fps. Until now.

The recently released patch 1.08 sees a far more aggressive push to get Homefront performance up to snuff, and appears to take the form of another round of optimisation improvements paired with some smart, well-judged downgrades in the visual department. Before we plough on into the performance improvements, here's a look at the principal differences we noted between Homefront before and after its latest update.

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Homefront: The Revolution out in May, new gameplay trailer

Homefront: The Revolution out in May, new gameplay trailer

Xbox One exclusive closed beta set for Feb.

Homefront: The Revolution comes out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 20th May 2016, publisher Deep Silver has announced.

The closed beta - exclusive to the Xbox One - launches in February. To access the beta, you have to get an "Xbox One Beta Token", which will be given out via upcoming promotions.

Meanwhile, there's a new gameplay trailer, below, that shows off the open-world first-person shooter's Occupied Philadelphia, 2029 setting.

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Deep Silver parent company buys Homefront from Crytek

UPDATE: Hunt development shifted from Austin to Frankfurt. Crytek UK becomes Deep Silver Dambuster Studios.

UPDATE 6.52pm: Crytek has shared some details about its plans now that the developer turned publisher has found the funding necessary to get it out of the red.

Crytek comes forward about its recent financial woes

But only after securing additional funding.

Last month reports were emerging that Crysis and Ryse: Son of Rome developer Crytek was in dire straits financially. Various sources came forward about staff being months behind in payments while a proposed deal with Microsoft to secure funding for a Ryse sequel fell through when Crytek remained adamant that it wasn't willing to give up its IP.

Your first look at Homefront: The Revolution gameplay footage

Crytek UK has shown off its first slice of Homefront Revolution gameplay - it's the mission Eurogamer were talked through when we first saw the game last month.

The mission, streamed online last night by Twitch, is a good showcase for Homefront: The Revolution's post-invasion Philadelphia, now a derelict and slum-ridden city, and the capital of the new North Korea-run United States.

In the footage you see the player and three buddies armour up and take on a Korean army checkpoint, an armoured barricade surrounded by troops.

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THQ is no more. This is where its assets went

UPDATE: Platinum Games is interested in Darksiders.

Update #4: Does IP changing hands equal upheaval? Does upheaval equal game delay? Obsidian's South Park: Stick of Truth was due in March. Is it still? "It's too soon to say," Ubisoft told me this afternoon. "We'll have more details to share about plans for specific games soon."

Peter Molyneux's Boot Cycle confirmed for GameCity festival

Peter Molyneux's Boot Cycle confirmed for GameCity festival

Will talk past and future projects, discuss inspirations.

Freshly liberated indie developer Peter Molyneux has signed up to do a Boot Cycle at this year's GameCity festival in Nottingham.

GameCity7, which runs from 20th to 27th October, will see the former Lionhead Studios boss take over proceedings for an entire day, scheduling events to "celebrate and explore" his time in the industry. He'll discuss past and future projects and his inspirations.

Elsewhere, there's an event to celebrate 30 years of the Commodore 64. The original team behind much-loved UK mag Zzap!64 will create a one-off commemorative issue.

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THQ to announce 170 layoffs today - report

THQ to announce 170 layoffs today - report

What will the game collateral be?

A troubled THQ will imminently announce 170 layoffs, according to a new report.

Independent industry suit Kevin Dent claimed to have been sitting on the news "for a week or so". His Twitter conversation with THQ's vice president of technology Mark DeLoura suggests this is for real.

"This is probably going to break in the morning, I have sat on it for a week or so. The culling at THQ was 170+ souls including Mark DeLoura," broadcast Kevin Dent, directing the message at DeLoura.

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THQ denies cancelling 2014 line-up of games

THQ denies cancelling 2014 line-up of games

But Warhammer 40K MMO future less certain.

THQ has denied cancelling its 2014 line-up of games - but the future of ambitious Warhammer 40,000 MMO Dark Millennium Online is less certain.

The publisher responded to a gloomy rumour spread on Twitter by video game executive Kevin Dent. He heard that the Warhammer 40,000 MMO and the THQ 2014 line-up had been cancelled. Dent had also heard THQ was "offering" itself for sale to Asian companies.

THQ's response, via a statement offered to VG247, read: "THQ has not cancelled its 2014 line-up, and has not made any decisions regarding the planned MMO.

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Crytek developing Homefront 2

Out fiscal year 2014.

UPDATE: The next Homefront game will be made by Nottingham-based developer Crytek UK and will "benefit from the latest CryEngine technology", Crytek has told Eurogamer.