Homefront: The Revolution

Homefront: The Revolution boasts solid gameplay and impressive level design, but tonally it's a disaster.


Homefront: The Revolution resurfaces, set for big March update

PS4 Pro support, HDR and the third and final DLC.

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Up to 75% off Homefront, Saints Row, Metro Redux and more.

Digital Foundry | Homefront: The Revolution performance boosted by up to 25 per cent

UPDATE: Dambuster Studios promises more frame-rate improvements in upcoming 2.0 patch.

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Guerrilla warfare between PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Digital Foundry | Performance Analysis: Homefront: The Revolution

Choppy frame-rates on console impact an otherwise impressive game.

Homefront: The Revolution acknowledges its own troubled development

"... the path has not always been a smooth one."

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It's always gunny in Philadelphia.

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We talk Overwatch, Firewatch, Homefront and Hitman.

Feature | Homefront: The Revolution is surprisingly nutty

Co-op multiplayer revealed, Norks n'all.

Homefront: The Revolution out in May, new gameplay trailer

Xbox One exclusive closed beta set for Feb.

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It was the best of times, it was the wurst of times.

Feature | The Gamescom Bulletin: Day 2

Battlefront! Mafia! Awkward banter!

Feature | Homefront: The Revolution is already a big improvement on the original

New gameplay and new impressions of Dambuster Studio's sequel.

Deep Silver parent company buys Homefront from Crytek

UPDATE: Hunt development shifted from Austin to Frankfurt. Crytek UK becomes Deep Silver Dambuster Studios.

Crytek comes forward about its recent financial woes

But only after securing additional funding.

Crytek UK exodus sparks concern over Homefront: The Revolution

High turnover, unpaid wages and of a lack of trust in management.

Crysis developer Crytek denies "verge of bankruptcy" claim

But reports indicate staff have gone unpaid.

Homefront 2 named Homefront: The Revolution

PS4 box art spotted, Crytek still developing.

Feature | Danny Bilson: inside the rise and fall of THQ

The outspoken former chief of Saints Row, Homefront and Darksiders finally breaks his silence.

THQ is no more. This is where its assets went

UPDATE: Platinum Games is interested in Darksiders.

Crysis maker Crytek turning into a F2P only studio

DLC and premium gaming services "milking customers to death".

Feature | It Was The Best Of Times

… it was the worst of times.

Peter Molyneux's Boot Cycle confirmed for GameCity festival

Will talk past and future projects, discuss inspirations.

Crytek on Homefront 2: "everybody knows the IP"

Sequel setting is "really cool".

THQ to announce 170 layoffs today - report

What will the game collateral be?

THQ denies cancelling 2014 line-up of games

But Warhammer 40K MMO future less certain.

Crytek developing Homefront 2

Out fiscal year 2014.