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Watch: Festive Hitman gameplay and a sack full of prizes in the Eurogamer Christmas stream

Wow, time flies doesn't it? I can't believe it's time for another Christmas stream already, it seems like only yesterday I was playing Marvin's Mittens for last year's festive broadcast.

If you're a regular live stream viewer you should know the deal by now - I play a Christmas themed game and, while doing so, give away lots of free games that have been kindly donated by a generous bunch of developers and publishers.

However, this year will be slightly different because, as well as the usual free digital games, I'll also be giving away some cool physical swag like Christmas jumpers, T-Shirts and for some reason, a gas mask...

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Watch: We play the Hitman beta, badly in some cases

While PC gamers still have everything to look forward to, the PS4 beta for Hitman has sadly come and gone. Don't be too sad though, at least we made some fond memories along the way.

Well, some of us did, anyway. Each member of the video team had a go on Hitman beta, with varying degrees of success - which is to say Hitman is more difficult than I anticipated and I'm pretty sure those guys cheated.

Give the video below a watch and tell us who you think is the best at being Agent 47.

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In many ways, producing video for the internet is a lot like soothsaying. We spend a lot of time reading the tea leaves (or fish guts, depending on your preference) to try and divine what videos will do well. Is the subject matter engaging? Have we tagged the video properly? Is this a game people want to see more of?