Hitman Absolution Videos

Digital Foundry | Hitman: Absolution Console Performance Video

Sustained frame-rates across a range of scenarios in this analysis of Hitman: Absolution on Xbox 360 and PS3.

Digital Foundry | Hitman: Absolution PS3 vs. PC Comparison Video

The Sony platform compared to the PC game in this head-to-head video.

Digital Foundry | Hitman: Absolution Xbox 360 vs. PC Comparison Video

The console version faces off against a PC game featuring a number of visual enhancements and quality boosts.

Digital Foundry | Hitman: Absolution Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3 Comparison Video

Close conversion work between the two console platforms on Agent 47's return.

Video | Hitman: Sniper Challenge trailer goes behind the scenes

How Square Enix developed the Hitman: Absolution pre-order incentive.

Video | Hitman: Sniper Challenge launch trailer

Standalone pre-order experience available now.

Video | Hitman Absolution: Sniper Challenge Pre-Order Mini Game Video

Capture of the Hitman Absolution standalone pre-order bonus game.

Video | Fresh Hitman: Absolution trailer slices in

Axe-wielding priest-dressing Agent 47 returns.

Video | Hitman Absolution gameplay in London press event video

Can you spot Eurogamer's own Martin Robinson?

Video | Hitman: Absolution commentary trailer

Directors talk over extended footage.

Video | Hitman Absolution gameplay shown

In-game Agent 47 combat footage.