Hitman 2 News

Hitman 3 has a contract for January 2021

A conclusion to the trilogy.

Sean Bean returns to Hitman 2 next week

And Gondor calls for aid.

IO Interactive says work on next Hitman game is "well underway"

This month's Hitman 2 update the "final major patch".

Hitman 2's off to Siberia this week in new Sniper Assassin map

Adds new targets, challenges, weapon, and more.

Here's what's coming to Hitman 2 in June

"Expect new gameplay opportunities that will change the way you play."

Hitman 2 gets a bank level this summer

Fortune favours the bald.

Spyro sold more physical copies at launch than Fallout 76

Pokémon outsold both, while Hitman flopped.

IO Interactive unveils Hitman 2, out in November

Includes new online co-op sniper mode.