Heroes of the Storm Reviews

Heroes of the Storm review

There are games you don't have time for, and games you make time for. Then there's the kind of game Blizzard makes, which becomes a routine. Millions of World of Warcraft players, past and present, could speak for hours of their travels in Azeroth. Starcraft players act like it's a religion. Hearthstone's disarming charm hides a monster that Daily Quests you into coy submission and devours half-hour chunks over and again.

Add Heroes of the Storm to the list. Since gaining beta access around six months ago, Heroes of the Storm has become a part of my day. At lunchtime I play a few matches with a chum, at night I find time for more, and in-between I keep an eye on the subreddit and forums and YouTube. A lot of games feel brilliant for a week or two, and then afterwards you'll never touch them again. I can't stop playing Heroes of the Storm.

When any game cuts into your Monster Hunting and Counter-Striking, it's time to pay attention. Before we get onto the higher-level design of Heroes of the Storm, it's worth pausing over how good Blizzard is at the basic elements of a competitive game, such as hitting something. The heroes here are beefy 3D models that, pirouetted through clicks and lashing out with buttons, positively slam into enemy minions and heroes. Even the basic attacks have a heft distinct from whatever the current stats are, along with booming bespoke sound effects, and innumerable visual flourishes.

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