Heroes of the Storm Features

FeatureDoes Heroes of the Storm need saving?

In defence of Blizzard's least impactful game.

FeatureVideo: What does the future hold for Heroes of the Storm?

"At this point the team is growing, not shrinking."

FeatureRiding the meta in Heroes of the Storm

"This game will not be nailed down..."

FeatureBlizzard versus the hostility of MOBAs

"We will keep attacking this problem until it's gone."

FeatureHeroes of the Storm: Blizzard's long road to reinventing the wheel

Familiar faces can't disguise an identity crisis.

FeatureWhy Heroes of the Storm is the MOBA that you'll love or hate

Blizzard's move for accessibility is a boon for those new to the genre - but how will it go down with existing MOBA diehards?