Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure

Saturday Soapbox: Faster, Pussycat?

In praise of not waiting for things.

Never before have so many had to wait for so little. We don't have to wait for telegrams or letters any more. We don't have to wait for tomorrow's newspaper - we just have to check our answerphone messages. A handful of nimble companies have even ensured that we don't have to wait for somebody to come back from a trip to Blockbuster or Borders (too soon?) if we want to watch terrible films and read wretched books.

Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure

There is an original idea at the core of Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure. This is lucky, as the rest of the ideas in it are less original than putting a a traffic cone on your head and going, "I'm in the Pet Shop Boys."

The original idea is this: what if you combined a puzzle game with a platform game, and created a cause-and-effect relationship between the two? The problem is this: both the puzzle game and the platform game are derivative, repetitive and mediocre. However, the bringing of the two together does create an interesting dynamic.

The platform game is played on the DS's top screen. You play as Henry Hatsworth, who looks like the love child of Dr Snuggles and Willy Fog.

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