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VideoVideo: Hellblade has noble ambitions but it also has us worried

UPDATE: Ninja Theory tweets that it has "started Hellblade production afresh".

UPDATE: Not long after this article went live, the official Ninja Theory Twitter account posted the following message: "A vertical slice is a testbed of ideas, not part of the final game. It has been retired and we have started #Hellblade production afresh". Rather confusingly, this was followed less than an hour later by another tweet which read: "Retiring a vertical slice and moving on into full production is good news. It is not starting again, it is moving forward as expected". We'll update this story as and when Ninja Theory clarifies what it means.

VideoVideo: Games that do mental health right

Hellblade isn't the first to tackle this complex topic.

Hellblade, Ninja Theory's next game, focuses heavily on the mental health of main character Senua. It's an interesting premise and one I hope is executed successfully. In making this design choice, Ninja Theory has placed itself among a number of other developers who have attempted, in a variety of ways, to portray mental health issues in a constructive manner.