Heavy Rain Features

Feature | The amazing stories of a man you've never heard of

Brando, Bowie, and everything in between.

Feature | Watch: Aoife walks Chris through Heavy Rain

One man's struggle with fatherhood. And brushing his teeth.

Feature | Cheap This Week - 15/06/11

Heavy Rain! Killzone! Portal 2!

Feature | Have videogames lost the plot?

A look at why games don't tell good stories.

Feature | Games of 2010: Heavy Rain

From the archive: As Quantic Dream's Beyond releases, we look back at David Cage's miserablist marvel.

Feature | Your Move

PS3’s back catalogue gets motion sensitive.

Feature | Heavy Rain's David Cage

The interactive dramatist on reviews, future plans, orange juice and mud.

Feature | Charge That Windmill

Alex Gambotto-Burke stands up for the Romeros, Molyneuxs and Cages of gaming.

Heavy Rain

Pored over.

Feature | Caged Emotion

Heavy Rain creator pours his heart out.

Heavy Rain

The Origami Killer app?

Heavy Rain

Life on Mars.

Heavy Rain

The weather forecast.

Feature | Heavy Rain

A preview without a game.