Heavy Rain Chronicles 1 - The Taxidermist News

Used market cost Heavy Rain 1m sales

Dev lost "between €5 and €10 million".

Toned down Heavy Rain for France only

"Extreme" violence now "realistic".

Quantic Dream's Infraworld trademarked

Evidence of David Cage's next mounts.

BAFTA GAME Award shortlist revealed

Vote for your top title of 2010.

Heavy Rain film "fast-tracked"

Deadwood creator at the helm.

Cage: Heavy Rain did the business

Has passed worldwide sales of 1.5 million.

"The controller is just a means" - Cage

Move won't "solve" mainstream uptake.

Quantic Dream working on next-gen now

"I need the thrill of a new idea" - Cage

Cage: Heavy Rain DLC will never be made

But is proud of Heavy Rain Move Edition.