Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft News

Hearthstone player VKLiooon becomes first woman to win BlizzCon championship

"If you believe in yourself, forget your gender and go for it."

Blizzard apology does not silence protestors at BlizzCon 2019

"It seems like they've forgotten their values."

Former Xbox exec Mike Ybarra announces move to Blizzard

As executive vice president and general manager.

After a week of protests, Blizzard issues statement on pro-Hong Kong Hearthstone player ban

Blitzchung responds: "In the future I will be more careful."

Blizzard under fire after punishing pro-Hong Kong Hearthstone player

UPDATE: r/Blizzard shuts in wake of backlash.

BlizzCon 2019 dates and collectibles announced

Won't be able to get there on footman.

Blizzard Entertainment president Mike Morhaime steps down

Statements mention "several new games" in development.

Hearthstone is adding new Classic cards for the first time

And postponing Tournaments indefinitely.

Esport "killer games" aren't right for Olympics, says IOC

"We cannot have ... a game which is promoting violence."

Hearthstone game director Ben Brode announces departure from Blizzard

"I'm excited to be scrappy and a little scared".

Hearthstone announces Year of the Raven

New hero, in-game tournaments, three classic cards retired.

New Hearthstone update is a Wild thing

You make my hearth sing.

Hearthstone's Kobolds and Catacombs expansion originally themed around WOW's Blingtron

"There are some cards which take us four or five sets to find a home for..."

Hearthstone to get three more big expansions in 2018

With single-player content in each.

Here's a brand new legendary Hearthstone card

Your opponent takes two turns, then you take two turns.

Blizzard now lets you gift Hearthstone card packs to friends

And Overwatch loot boxes, WOW pets, etc.

Hearthstone's Halloween event lets you pick cards from two classes in Arena mode

Plus card free packs, spooky Tavern Brawl and more.

World of Warcraft dominates BlizzCon 2017 schedule, wink wink nudge nudge

But there will be no Diablo announcements this year.

Battle.net renamed Blizzard Battle.net

Bigger name change rejected, new logo erected.

Hearthstone's next expansion will make acquiring new cards a lot easier

Say hello to more Legendary cards and fewer duplicates.

Hearthstone fans aren't happy with UK price rises

Two-pack purchase doubles in cost.

Hearthstone's next expansion Journey to Un'Goro detailed

Quest cards! Adapt power! Dinosaurs! More!

Hearthstone will add three 130-card expansions next year, no adventures

And some old favourites are retiring on top of the usual rotation.

Metabomb is hiring a Staff Writer!

The world could always use more heroes.

Hearthstone bug is manifesting way too many duplicate cards

UPDATE: Hotfix released, affected players to receive free card packs as compensation.

Chris Metzen on why he needed to leave Blizzard

"I started having panic attacks left and right."

What we expect from Blizzcon 2016

Sombra? Hearthstone expansion? More?

Blizzard, Twitch plan to act on abuse in livestream chat

After Hearthstone tournament marred by racist comments.

Activision details just how well Destiny, Call of Duty, Hearthstone are doing

Average Destiny playtime now 100+ hours, across almost 30m users.

Hearthstone adds a cheeky nod to its infamous Grim Patron card

As League of Explorers adventure goes on sale early.

Hearthstone adds co-op battle option

But just for this week's Tavern Brawl.

Blizzard announces new Reveal mechanic for Hearthstone

New tiered Ranked Play rewards are on their way too.

Hearthstone's next expansion is all about the Hero Power

UPDATE: UK pricing announced, costs more on iPhone/iPad.

Warcraft movie footage leaks from Comic-Con

Director says it's nearly finished, and talks about a trilogy.

Soar over Azeroth in the Warcraft movie's interactive VR trailer

See all 360 degrees of Stormwind from aboard a gryphon.

Hearthstone's new Tavern Brawl mode messes with the rules

Limited-time events with special decks or modifiers.

New Heroes coming to Hearthstone

UPDATE: Blizzard reveals pricing details of the new cosmetic content.

Destiny and Hearthstone have made nearly $1bn in revenue

Blizzard had its most popular Q1 ever.

Hearthstone passes 30m player milestone

This is our town scrub!

Watch Hearthstone's resident record breaker smash two new challenges at once

"I am an expert of useless challenges in Hearthstone."

Watch Hearthstone's longest ever turn clock in at over 40 hours

UPDATE: Finished! Watch the moment it ended.

Blizzard happy with Hearthstone's explosive Dr. Boom

And aggro Hunter deck looks safe, too.

Shadow of Mordor does simply win GDC 2015 Game of the Year

Should think a sequel is very likely.

Introducing MetaBomb - our experimental new games portal

Dedicated games coverage kicks off with Hearthstone.

Destiny has more than 16 million registered users

And Hearthstone has more than 25 million.

Blizzard reveals Rogue-only Goblin Auto-Barber Hearthstone card

New Goblins vs Gnomes expansion card announced.

Hearthstone's Goblins vs Gnomes cards teased

Spectator mode also confirmed for the smash-hit collectible card game.

Goblins vs Gnomes expansion revealed for Hearthstone

120 new cards to be added to the game next month.

Hearthstone bot maker forced out of business

Blizzard takes further steps to clean up its games.

Unity reportedly up for sale

UPDATE: Unity says no.

Hearthstone's next expansion will add over 100 cards

Blizzard hopes to eventually add more single-player content and game modes.

Only 0.5% of Hearthstone players reach Legend rank

"You're better than you think!"

Hearthstone has been downloaded by 20 million players

"We're going to need a bigger tavern!"

Blizzard to nerf two popular Hearthstone cards

Leeroy Jenkins and Starving Buzzard face changes.

Watch and absorb the entire lore of Warcraft

Ever wondered who that Hearthstone character is?

Hearthstone's Curse of Naxxramas expansion release date confirmed

UPDATE: Second wing now available to download.

Hearthstone's Curse of Naxxramas single-player pricing detailed

Buy everything for as little as £13.99 or 2800 gold.

eSports organisation IeSF makes male-only tournaments open to all

It was all about trying to get eSports into the Olympics.

eSports organisation under fire for male and female-only tournaments

"Chess is also divided into male / female leagues..."

Hearthstone Curse of Naxxramas expansion out in July

UPDATE: Pricing announcement delayed, but July release still on target.

Hearthstone Naxxramas expansion shown off in leaked images

New cards, powers and WOW bosses spotted.

DreamHack's Hearthstone tournament winner accused of cheating

But opponent speaks out in support of co-player.

Call of Duty: Ghosts the best-selling PS4 and Xbox One game

WOW subscribers slide again, but Hearthstone and Diablo 3 do the business for Blizzard.

Blizzard not working on Hearthstone for consoles

Android takes priority. Spectator mode being designed at the moment.

BlizzCon returns this November

Will host Hearthstone World Championships.

Hearthstone is now available worldwide on iPad

All your cards and progress are cross-platform compatible.

Hearthstone single-player adventure mode Curse of Naxxramas announced

30 new cards! Nine class challenges! One new game board!

Is Overwatch Blizzard's new small-team game?

"Small and nimble" development inspired by Hearthstone.

EGXHearthstone tournament taking place at EGX Rezzed

Show tickets still available for Friday and Sunday and on sale on the door.

Update on first Hearthstone Adventure and expansion

Plus, new paid-for game boards and alternative heroes.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft enters open beta

UPDATE: The gates are open in Europe, too.

Blizzard nerfs Pyroblast and tweaks nine other Hearthstone cards

UPDATE: New patch out now, containing "last big set of balance changes" before open beta.

Hearthstone open beta delayed

The gates aren't open.

Blizzard nerfs Mage in latest Hearthstone patch

"We understand that the Freeze mechanic can be frustrating to play against."

Hearthstone patch tweaks cards, ranked play, adds gold cap

Now you start at rank Angry Chicken.

Who's in the Warcraft film?

Gul'daniel Craig?

Hearthstone survey hints at potential new features

Raids! More emotes! New battle boards!

Blizzard announces iPhone and Android versions of Hearthstone

PC open beta to launch December 2013 or January 2014.

$175 BlizzCon 2013 tickets on sale in two batches later this month

$500 charity dinner tickets up for grabs, too.

Blizzard announces Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft

F2P collectible card game set in the Warcraft universe.