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Crytek hopes Haze is remembered fondly

It "wasn't as bad as the reviews made out".

Crytek UK, the developer that rose from the ashes of the collapsed Free Radical Design, hopes that when gamers look back on PlayStation 3 exclusive Haze they'll remember it more fondly than they did at launch.

Admin confirms Free Radical demise

Admin confirms Free Radical demise

Only 40 staff remain at Haze developer.

Administration company Resolve has confirmed the demise of Haze developer Free Radical Design.

"The company was placed in to administration yesterday afternoon," Resolve spokesperson Cameron Gunn told ThisIsNottingham last week.

"We will be spending the next three or four days assessing the financial position of the company but it's business as usual, although we have asked that almost all of the employees apart from a skeleton crew remain at home.

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Pure demo heads PSN weekly update

Pure demo heads PSN weekly update

Plus: Warhawk combo pack, Haze DLC.

Sony will stuff more content onto the PS3 Store today, lead by a demo for exciting quad-bike racer Pure.

The PSN Store is yet to be updated, but PS3gen is claiming to have a heads up on content.

There's another sampler for NHL 2K9 - although the game should be as top-notch as always - plus a Destruction add-on pack for Haze, which costs EUR 4.99 (GBP price coming soon).

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GTA IV still top of the UK charts

Ahead of Age of Conan and Haze.

Grand Theft Auto IV remained at the top of the UK All Formats chart for the fourth straight week, beating off strong challenges from Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures and Haze, which debuted at two and three respectively.

Haze writer responds to review score

Haze writer responds to review score

"Even GoldenEye got a 4/10" - Yescombe.

Haze writer Rob Yescombe has likened his game to GoldenEye after it was given just 4.5 out of 10 in its IGN review.

The upcoming PS3-exclusive shooter had previously received high marks from Famitsu and the Italian PlayStation Magazine.

"My thoughts are 'Owch'. No, wait - 'MEGAowch'," Yescombe told PSU.

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Haze demo for PSN in early May

Will feature four-player co-op.

Ubisoft has plans to release a four-player drop-in co-operative demo for Haze in early May. No wait June no last February no definitely May no Christmas. May.

Haze finally gets release date

Haze finally gets release date

Absolutely Mantle.

Ubisoft has finally plastered a date on Haze, which will be out on 22nd May.

The slippery shooter from Free Radical was, once upon a time, expected at the end of last year, but was subsequently nudged and budged into the first quarter of fiscal 2008 (sometime between April and June).

Haze was originally pencilled in for release on Xbox 360 and PC at a later date as well, although Ubisoft recently decided to make it a permanent exclusive on PS3. Or not. No one knows any more and frankly we're tired of asking.

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No Haze for Xbox 360 or PC

PS3 exclusive, now and forever.

Just in case there was any lingering doubt, it's been confirmed that Haze is a PlayStation 3 exclusive and will remain so in the future.

Haze slips to 2008

Conviction tumbles further.

Ubisoft has revealed that drug-inspired shooter Haze will now no longer be out before Christmas.

New release date for Haze

New release date for Haze

Out this year. Apparently.

Ubisoft has said that Haze will be out this year on PS3 - 14th December if you're asking.

A slightly baffling choice - mid-December releases have a sketchy track record, although it perhaps demonstrates that Free Radical is working down to the wire to launch it this side of Christmas.

There is also no sign of the 360 or PC offerings (if they exist, etc and so forth), although we expect them to show up on the schedule in 2008 - maybe lending extra significance in releasing the 'lead platform' version this year.

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EGTV: Haze demonstration

Doak walks us through it.

Those of you in surveillance vans outside Eurogamer TV will have noticed a new trailer for Haze joining the cinematic line-up.

EGTV: David Doak on Haze

Free Radical boss David Doak fights the good fight.

Steroids are great. I'm as strong as an ox and can keep going with barely any rest. Nothing can stop me now - I'll be enormous soon. Oh, but what's this little thing? Why are all these people looking at me and talking behind my back? I'll crush them like pesky little flies!

Haze still multiformat - Doak

Just leading on PS3, EG told.

Free Radical's David Doak has told Eurogamer that Haze is being developed for multiple formats after all - it's just leading on PlayStation 3.

Haze dated for PS3 this Autumn

No mention of other formats.

Ubisoft has revealed that Haze will launch on PS3 this autumn. No mention was made of the previously announced Xbox 360 and PC versions.

Haze slips into financial 2007

Financial report spills beans.

Haze has slipped into Ubisoft's financial year 2007 - which runs from April 2007 to March 2008 - according to a quarterly financial report from the company.

EGTV: Haze interview

Free Radical speaks.

Another round of musical publishers has seen Nottingham's finest, Free Radical Design, cosy up to Ubisoft for its latest project, after successful stints with Eidos, EA and Codemasters.

Ubisoft announces HAZE

Ubisoft announces HAZE

TimeSplitters dev doing new FPS

Ubisoft has confirmed that a new next-gen first-person shooter is on the way from Free Radical Design, the clever little monkeys who brought us the TimeSplitters series. And the chance to shoot virtual monkeys, bless 'em.

We first got wind of the project earlier this week, and it turns out our old friend Internet Reports was right on the money. Due for an early 2007 release on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, the game places you in the military issue boots of Jake Carpenter (don't you just love videogame character names?), a newly enlisted soldier in the Mantel Corporation army.

It's set some twenty five years in the future, which gives Ubisoft the perfect excuse to throw in a "high-tech arsenal of vehicles and weapons" and a couple of grams of coke - sorry, we meant "performance enhancing bio-medical support."

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