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Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star announced for autumn

Bird dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend is getting a sequel this autumn with Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star.

Coming to PC, PS4 and Vita, this latest adventure in cross-species romance is being developed by series creator Hato Moa and developer Mediatonic, who worked on the previous Hatoful Boyfriend remastering and Robot Unicorn Attack: Evolution.

"Hatoful Boyfriend fans will travel to fantastically styled worlds, meet interesting new chickadees, find romance in elegantly designed winter wonderlands and a new mysterious watercolor world," Devolver said of this upcoming sequel.

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I don't think I've ever harboured any romantic feelings towards pigeons - though I take some kind of pity on the ones with clumps for feet you see hobbling around Trafalgar Square - so you'll excuse me for being slightly surprised by Hatoful Boyfriend's premise. It's a dating sim, where the entire cast is played by pigeons. Of course.

Pigeon dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend gets a release date

Pigeon dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend gets a release date

UPDATE: Delayed until early September.

UPDATE 19/08/2014 6.21pm: Hatoful Boyfriend has been delayed until 4th September, Devolver Digital has announced. No early bird special for these fowl.

ORIGINAL STORY 30/07/2014 5.14pm: The English language remake of bird-dating simulator Hatoful Boyfriend is coming to PC, Mac and Linux via Steam on 21st August, publisher Devolver Digital has announced.

It will usually be priced at 6.99, but early birds can get 10 per cent off if they pre-order it prior to release.

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Bird dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend is getting an English remake

Be the only girl/human in an all boys/pigeon school.

For whatever reason dating sims never really caught on in the west. Perhaps they were too slow paced, pandering, or lacking in action. Or maybe the problem was that they generally starred humans. What if they starred birds? Or, better yet, a human girl dating male birds? That's just printing gold, right?