Happy Feet

Happy Feet

Happy Feet

Penguins on the Dancing Stage.

Yes, it's Christmas again and time for that yearly staple: CGI movies featuring moral messages, cuddly, talking animals and - of course - spin off games. 2006 is no different and, in order to fully cash in on the immediate success of the movie, Happy Feet is being released on a half dozen formats to best get the kiddies and girlfriends vote. No surprise there, and no surprise that the game's not bad, but not great, either.

So... tap-dancing penguins. No, that's not a typo. Based on this year's big pre-Christmas animated movie, Happy Feet follows the adventures of the little tone deaf penguin, Mumble. A dip in the freezing Arctic waters while in his egg means he wouldn't know a note if it came up and bit him but, boy, can he tap dance. Problem is, for emperor penguins, tap dancing is just not cool and despite adversity on all sides, little Mumble does his best to fit in and learn his Heartsong, the inner song which will attract his destined mate.

The game itself is essentially divided into three different gameplay styles: rhythm action, belly racing down icy crevasses and swimming. It sounds a little limited, but your Inner Child just might love it.

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