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Download Games Roundup

Download Games Roundup

Hamilton's! Milky! FAST! Wizard! Avatar!

To keep us on our toes this week, Microsoft decided to turn off the Xbox Live Arcade pipe. And with the PSN Store remaining offline until yesterday, you might think that it's all tumbleweed in download-ville. Well, as Dave Gahan might roar, wrong.

The Xbox Indie scene continues to provide unexpected delights from enthusiastic types hoping for a big break. After the must-buy trio of Sequence, Upbot Goes Up and Blocks That Matter during May, The Avatar Legends is a hugely ambitious RPG work-in-progress that's worth keeping an eye on, while the endearingly rubbish-looking Hedge Wizard turns out to be far more entertaining than it has any right to be.

And WiiWare's recent fallow period came to an end last week with the swish arrival of FAST: Racing League, a pretender to the F-Zero throne, while the underestimated DSiWare store continues to pump out quality offerings like Mighty Milky Way. It might be sad to see the passing of the import scene, but when you've got quality indie offerings cropping up every week, that niche is well and truly serviced elsewhere.

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