Halo Wars News

Company of Heroes dev reckons it's solved the RTS on console problem

But it's keeping its "plausible solution" secret - for now.

Halo 4, 3, Reach, Wars sale on Xbox Live today

UPDATE: Week-long deals revealed - BioShock for 4.50!

BBC News mistakes Halo UNSC logo for UN

UPDATE: BBC tells Eurogamer: "Very occasionally mistakes do happen."

Microsoft announces Halo Fest

New game reveal at August PAX blow-out?

Halo Wars fan-passion saves stats

Microsoft has a change of heart.

Microsoft closing Halo Wars website

Migrating community to lose online stats.

Halo Wars joins Xbox Live GOD line-up

But SFIV limited to US and Asia.

Halo Wars and Fable II now Classics

Pick them up for 20 quid a pop.

Halo Waypoint split into Intel, Career

Microsoft details Xbox Live destination.

Halo 3: ODST sales reach 2.5 million

Plus: Master Chief set to return.

Spielberg to produce Halo movie?

He is "blown away" by script, says report.

Halo Wars leaderboards wiped

Robot not sure if accident can be fixed.

Jackson's Halo project "on hold" - MS

Um, they should probably give him a ring.

Jackson's Halo project officially dead

Blomkamp not interested in film, either.

New Halo destination planned for Live

Waypoint to offer exclusive videos etc.

New Halo anime films on the way

They'll be released early next year.

More Halo Wars DLC this month

Four-map Historic Battles pack soon.

Halo Wars balancing patch soon

Title Update 3 "in a few weeks".

Halo Wars gets Strategic Options

Adds three modes, costs seven quid.

Halo Wars add-on in "coming weeks"

DLC expands modes, Achievements.

We're fixing Halo Wars, says Robot

Title update to tighten the bolts.

Halo Wars sells over 1 million copies

Becomes best-selling console RTS.

Microsoft settles in Halo lawsuit

Multiplayer patents allegedly infringed.

UK chart: Killzone 2 beats Halo Wars

Sony's first number one since GOWII.

New dev working on Halo Wars DLC

Robot lumbers out of Ensemble ashes.

Killzone 2 demo due at 5pm today

Plus: try out Halo Wars right now.

Ensemble bids fans a fond farewell

Two studios to rise from ashes.

Latest Halo 3 Mythic map unveiled

Forge-loving Sandbox vehicle playground.

Ensemble involved in Halo Wars' future

MGS "very excited" about series potential.

Halo franchise to expand in "many different directions"

But MGS still coy on Peter Jackson project.

Halo Wars demo details

Tutorials, campaign and skirmish maps.

Halo Wars demo arriving in four weeks

Series has sold 25 million copies.

Halo Wars release date pinned down

Europe gets it days ahead of US.

Microsoft to "break the bank" at E3

Near and far 360 games to be shown.

All Halo music for one soundtrack

Costs a fair bit, out Monday.

Halo MMO had been green-lit

Was a prequel, and a "classic MMO".

Halo Wars gets February release date

Limited Collector's Edition unveiled.

Maddie reference spotted in Bungie trailer

Controversy kicks off over what it means.

Ensemble was "shocked" by studio closure

Halo Wars dev thought it was "immune".

Microsoft: We still own Age of Empires

That should cheer up the Ensemble chaps.

Microsoft shutting down Ensemble Studios

Once Halo Wars is released in early 2009.

Bungie "very excited" about Halo Wars

It's a "cool, faithful adaptation".

Bungie talks AI and animation

It's all about picking up pencils.

Bungie making new Halo title

Microsoft's Don Mattrick says so.

Halo Wars marches to next year

Out first half of 2009, says Microsoft.

Gears 2 leads Microsoft E3 charge

Plus Halo Wars finally on show.

Halo Wars to have co-op campaign

Plus: six-player online battles.

Kim "excited" about unannounced games

And says Alan Wake and Halo Wars are fine.

Bungie excited about Jackson project

Will be lending a little hand.

Marvel Universe MMO canned

Plus: Banjo 3 for Xmas?

Del Toro excited about Halo

It's more than grunts in space.

Studios pull out of Halo film

Fox, Universal unhappy.