Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary


Key events

Bill Gates stepping down from Microsoft board

To focus on philanthropic work.

Halo 5 will have 4K support on Xbox One X

All Xbox 360 Halo games are getting backwards compatibility.

Digital FoundryDF Retro: Halo - the console shooter that changed everything

The history of Bungie's brilliant shooter, its tech re-assessed, plus the best way to play today.

VideoVideo: Games with awful product tie-ins

And liberty and Red Bull for all.

VideoVideo: Five Amazing Launch Titles

A celebration of great games past.

Xbox 10th anniversary in Europe today

The Gates-way of gaming.

Bungie sets a date for final Halo handover

343 in full control of live data from 31st March.

Microsoft: Xbox 360 exclusives need "quality" not quantity

Bemoans Sony "selling old franchises with HD remakes".

Halo ATLAS app out this week

343 offers real-time player data and map info.

12 Days of Christmas Xbox Giveaway!

IT'S ALL OVER! Winners have been/are being notified. Thanks to all who entered!

FeatureSaturday Soapbox: Past Remasters

Are remakes preserving the classics of yesteryear or are they obliterating them?

Halo: Reach Anniversary Map Pack live

Saints Row Season Pass, NFS Time Saver pack.

The Xbox is 10 years old today

Charge your glasses.

Live action clip announces Halo Living Monument

User-generated site asks for fan images.

Halo Reach gets Anniversary map pack next week

1200 Points for seven multiplayer favourites.

VideoHalo: Combat Evolved Anniversary footage

Microsoft counts down to launch.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary shots

A fresh look at 343's remake.

FeatureHalo Anniversary: Returning to the Ring

Bringing a classic back to life, warts and all.

343 defends Halo's Kinect features

Anniversary features are 'additive'.

Halo: Anniversary Achievements listed

Plus: more Halo: Reach Gamerscore coming.

Halo Anniversary Kinect features

UPDATE: Analyse Mode is Kinect exclusive.

Halo, Gears, Forza join Eurogamer Expo

Gunstringer, Dance Central, Kinect Sports.

Halo Anniversary pre-order swag detailed

Exclusive art book for early birds.

New Halo Anniversary maps announced

Timberland and Prisoner return.

Halo Anniversary gets 3D support

"More than a simple remake."

FeatureMicrosoft's Chris Lewis

Xbox 360, the competition, XBLA and the next-gen.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary pics

The latest pics of the Master Chief remake.

FeatureBungie bids Halo farewell

Eric Osborne looks back at 10 years of Master Chief.

MS: Halo Kinect features "will be cool"

But no "need to be hyper-excited" by them.

VideoHalo Anniversary's Terminals teased

Backstory expanded in new animations.

Digital FoundryDemo Analysis: Halo Anniversary

Is the remastered game sub-HD?

Halo 4 in development for two years

Anniversary extras star Guilty Spark.

VideoHalo Anniversary campaign footage

The E3 demo showcased in greater depth.

Halo: CE Anniversary pre-order bonuses

Avatar armour and game modifying skull.

Microsoft: "We lost our way" with Halo

"Master Chief the John Wayne character."

Bungie bids emotional farewell to Halo

"Halo is in great hands... yours."

Halo 4's Master Chief "changed"

"There's a story behind his new look."

Halo Anniversary Kinect features "optional"

"Core gameplay experience" unaffected.

Halo: CE Anniversary supports Kinect

But how will it work?

Original Xbox pads rebuilt for new Halo: CE

343 Industries brings back the Duke.

Halo: CE Anniversary to cost 34.99

Xbox remake gets budget price tag.

Microsoft denies "milking" Halo

Remake "a project of passion not business".

VideoHalo: Combat Evolved Anniversary vid

Master Chief classic reborn this year.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary release date

Remake coming this November.