Halo 4 Videos

VideoVideo: Games with awful product tie-ins

And liberty and Red Bull for all.

Digital FoundryHalo 4 Vehicles Performance Video

Master Chief enters one of Halo 4's most impressive combat zones and commandeers a vehicle...

Digital FoundryHalo 4 Cut-Scenes Performance Video

An impressive improvement over Halo Reach by virtually every measurable criteria.

Digital FoundryHalo 4 Combat Performance Video

Straight out blasting action across a range of environments in 343's first Halo epic.

VideoHalo 4 Covenant weapons

Alien technology.

VideoA lovely look behind the Halo 4 curtain

Master of many, many arts.

Digital FoundryHalo 4 E3 Performance Analysis Video

A preview of the kind of performance level we can expect from 343 Industries' debut Halo offering.

VideoHalo 4 War Games gameplay video

A quick look at competitive multiplayer mode, War Games.

VideoHalo 4 Spartan Ops gameplay video

First look at gameplay from Halo 4's new co-operative mode, Spartan Ops.

VideoHalo 4 Infinity multiplayer video

Take part in War Games and Spartan Ops during your Spartan career aboard the UNSC Infinity.

VideoWatch the Halo 4 live gameplay demo

343 Industries' live demo from the Microsoft E3 conference.

VideoNew Halo 4 mini-doc shows soundtrack recording

Massive Attack producer takes over Abbey Road.

VideoHalo 4 dev diary meets the 343 Industries team

"We have aspirations to become the best games studio in the world."

VideoHalo 4 developer diary shows new footage

Microsoft's 343 Industries reveals Master Chief's next adventure.

VideoHalo Fest: Celebrating 10 Years video

343 industries throws a party.

VideoTop Gear talks Halo 4 Warthog video

Clarkson gives the Forza 4 rundown.

VideoHalo 4 panel video from Halo Fest

343 Industries take the stage.

VideoHalo 4 concept art video

Master Chief's next chapter revealed.

VideoHalo 4 announcement teaser

Master Chief back for a new trilogy.