Half-Life 2 Features

FeatureThe impossible architecture of video games

Bang head against wall of text.

FeatureThe man who sent his game to Gabe Newell in a briefcase

A chance encounter and an unlikely tale.

FeatureHalf-Life 2 remembered

"You've arrived in City 17..."

FeatureHalf-Life 2: 10 years on

You remember, don't you, Mr Freeman?

FeatureOmni treadmill: The future of VR goes in every direction

Walk this way. No, not that way. THIS WAY!

FeatureMinerva matter: The Half-Life 2 mod that opened the gates of Valve

Adam Foster's two-and-a-half-year job application for the world's most enigmatic game developer.

FeatureValve Interview: Gabe Newell Isn't The Boss of Me

Jason Holtman gives a peek inside Valve's unique structure

Feature"It's been a poor, poor five years for fiction in the video game industry"

The creator of Half-Life 2's City 17 and Dishonored tells us why.

FeatureWhy Devs Owe You Nothing

When does a game belong to its fans rather than its creators?

FeatureThe boy who stole Half-Life 2

From the archive: the story behind the $250m robbery.

FeatureValve's Doug Lombardi

Chatting about Portal and whether Orange Box will return.

FeatureOpening the Valve

Part 2: On Warren Spector, Alyx, and the importance of playtesting.

FeatureOpening the Valve

Gabe Newell and co. on Hollywood, Episode One and future expansions.

Half-Life 2

Could the gravity gun lift the Xbox?

FeatureHalf-Life 2: The Lost Coast

Valve gives a glimpse of its next-gen plans, providing more info on its single Half-Life 2 level for high end PCs.

FeatureE3 2003: Half-Life 2

Three words: Oh. My. God.

FeatureHalf-Life 2

The original game had a decent Half-Life, and this one looks like it might too...