"What is this new devilry?" asked Sean Bean of a pillar as a Balrog gurgled somewhere off through the arches. Were the noise to have been the arrival of October 28th's games, and Sean's inquiry to have been one as to the particulars of its make-up, however, the answer would been: well there's City of Villains, Call of Cthulhu and The Suffering, Sean. You can see them on the list below. Plenty of devilry there. Except that wasn't what Sean was after. And nor, probably, is it what you want, because there's so much out this weekend that it's ludicrous sticking to one subset.

Valve signs with EA

Multi-year worldwide agreement.

Half-Life developer Valve has signed a worldwide multi-year distribution deal with U.S. publishing colossus Electronic Arts that will see boxed versions of Half-Life 2 on Xbox and the PC-only Half-Life 2: Game of the Year edition ship to stores later this year.

.hack// goes online

For real this time.

The next game in the .//hack franchise will take the series online for the first time, according to Famitsu magazine.