Yokoi-ing to like this

Remember when you first played Lumines? And it was a bit like Tetris but different - a bit like Tetris but horizontal. And so it took you a while to adjust, right? It took you a while to think horizontally. Remember how daunting it seemed? Remember when you simply couldn't imagine getting to the next skin, let alone the one after that? But then you went on to unlock all the skins and achieve astronomically high-scores, right? Maybe you've forgotten.

Maybe you're so good at Lumines now that you've forgotten how long it took you to become good enough to unlock all the skins and rack up insanely high scores. Try to remember it. Multiply it by another insanely high number. That's probably the best approximation of where you'll be with Gunpey-R, the latest PSP puzzler from Tetsuya Mizuguchi's music-game production line, Q Entertainment.

Gunpey-R is a bit like Q Entertainment's previous titles Lumines and Every Extend Extra, and it's very, very hard. It takes an existing game, which appeared on Bandai's now-defunct Wonderswan handheld and gives it the Mizuguchi musical skin treatment to enhance its already addictive quirky puzzle mechanics. And, as a brief aside, the game takes its name from Gunpei Yokoi, the legendary Nintendo employee responsible for creating the Game & Watch series, the Game Boy, and, shortly before his death, the Wonderswan.

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Gunpey for Europe

Publisher finally confirmed.

The speculation as to who will be publishing Q Entertainment's musical-puzzler across Europe is finally at an end (if it ever began).

Gunpey PSP, DS dated

Out in the US very soon.

Namco Bandai says that Q Entertainment has finished messing about with Gunpey's PSP and DS development and shipped it off to be stuffed into UMDs and game cards.

Gunpey confirmed for Europe

Gunpey confirmed for Europe

Concrete details soon.

Namco Bandai has confirmed that PSP and DS title Gunpey will be coming to Europe.

"There will be an announcement shortly," a spokesperson told Eurogamer this morning.

Namco Bandai doesn't traditionally publish its own titles in Europe, and there's been speculation (mostly mine, I'm afraid) as to who might end up handling it. We shall know very soon.

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US Gunpey this Christmas

Namco Bandai lines it up.

Fans of the Internet may recall news last week that Tetsuya Mizuguchi's Q Entertainment studio is developing PSP and DS versions of Gunpei Yokoi's little-known WonderSwan puzzler Gunpey.