Gunlord Review

Gunlord Review

To be this good takes AGES - Simon Parkin assesses this all-new Dreamcast game.

'Jump. Shoot. Explore.' Gunlord's German developer has taken the old maxim that any video game can be boiled down to its verbs of play and subtitled this, its latest release for a defunct platform, with three that define the experience.

Most of the experience, at least. You could easily add 'rifle' (through the attic) and 'curse' (the lost SCART cable) to that list, as many players will spend the first half hour trying to piece together the necessary technological artefacts to get the game up and running on Sega's 14-year-old Dreamcast hardware.

But that's all part of the arcane experience - alongside copying down 15-character codes from the Game Over screen for entry into a remote website-driven leaderboard, or creating maps of the game's labyrinthine levels on graph paper.

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