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Two months ago Ben There, Dan That developer Size Five Games released its competitive one-on-one platforming shooter Gun Monkeys, but it ran into one problem: the game wasn't selling well enough to keep the servers full of players. As such, people would log in to play with a stranger only to find there was no one to play with. How sad.

Ben There, Dan That dev announces Gun Monkeys

Ben There, Dan That dev announces Gun Monkeys

A procedurally-generated deathmatch game.

Size Five Games - the indie developer behind Ben There, Dan That and Time Gentlemen, Please - has announced its latest project, Gun Monkeys, a procedurally-generated deathmatch platformer due this summer on PC, Mac and Linux.

Gun Monkeys is set in the distant future where all human life has been eradicated due to experiments with perpetual energy. This leaves behind a world full of energy and no one to use it, so modern day power companies send monkeys into this post-apocalyptic future to gather "power cubes" that the primates can take back to the present day, naturally.

Size Five's chief executive of game development Dan Marshall explained that Gun Monkeys is a heavily tweaked remake of the first game he ever made. It was born out of a desire to take a break from his current project, a "steampunk cybercrime caper" entitled The Swindle, that he described as "little bit like Deus Ex mixed with Sonic the Hedgehog."

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