Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock News

Guitar Hero Live has redesigned controller with six black and white notes

First-person, developed by DJ Hero studio FreeStyleGames.

Tony Hawk studio Neversoft bids farewell, burns eyeball effigy

Staff members given Bowie knives as parting gifts.

All Guitar Hero, DJ Hero song DLC to be removed

Activision pulls the plug at the end of the month.

Cancelled Guitar Hero 7 had six-stringed guitar and no band

But development was a "disaster", a new report suggests.

Why music games aren't dead

New book predicts a healthy future.

Acti: gamers still "love" Guitar Hero

Series lacked "nurturing and care".

Kotick: Activision neglected Guitar Hero

Reveals resuscitation plan is underway.

Guitar Hero gets Paramore tracks, more

Last of the announced DLC on sale now.

Activision: Guitar Hero still alive

True Crime would have scored 80+.

Guitar Hero III generated tons of money

More than any other game in US history.

New Guitar Hero DLC out today

Euthanised franchise staggers on.

More DJ Hero, Guitar Hero DLC promised

"Let's call it an encore."

Activision "abused" Guitar Hero

Says ex-boss of Red Octane.

Will COD share Guitar Hero's fate?

Analysts assess FPS behemoth's future.

Why Guitar Hero died

"The brand lost its relevance."

Report: 50 jobs go at Vicarious Visions

Guitar Hero dev loses quarter of staff.

Harmonix will "happily welcome" GH users

Rock Band dev hails fallen competitor.

Activision closes 7 Studios

DJ Hero support studio canned.

What next for Guitar Hero DLC?

The day the music died.

Acti explains Guitar Hero, True Crime cull

Cites "continued declines" in music genre.

Activision kills Guitar Hero

Layoffs at DJ Hero dev, True Crime cancelled.

KISS, Linkin Park for Guitar Hero, DJH2

It's KISS-mas, declares Activision.

Acti feels "nothing but love" for Harmonix

Plus, talks innovative future for Guitar Hero.

Guitar Hero gets '90s rock DLC

Includes REM, Goo Goo Dolls, more.

Free DJ Hero/Guitar Hero songs for US

Not giving thanks for that.

Hero franchise will return in 2011

Activision not put off by falling sales.

Harmonix: People were waiting to buy RB3

Is that why Guitar Hero flopped?

Guitar Hero series in trouble

Dismal sales figures for Warriors of Rock.

Free Guitar Hero pack on XBL today

Plus: Rocky Horror tracks for Halloween!

Second place for UK at WCG

Gold in Forza and silver in Guitar Hero.

EA responds to Bobby Kotick slur

COD destroyed by "Kotick's own hubris".

UK chart: F1 dethrones Halo: Reach

New: Dead Rising 2! FFXIV! Civ5! GH:WOR!

All GH Warriors of Rock songs named

Feels like the first time.

11 bands to debut in next Guitar Hero

Neil Young! Anberlin! Tesla! Snot!

A Guitar Hero game every year "a given"

"We lost our souls," admits dev.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock dated

Activision has high hopes.

Soundgarden album free with Guitar Hero

But no Black Hole Fun for Brits.

More GH: Warriors of Rock songs revealed

Cooper! Vai! White Stripes! Ramones!

New Guitar Hero guitars detailed

Swappable bodies. Video inside.

Activision unveils GH: Warriors of Rock

Fantasy! New peripheral! Quickplay+!

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock confirmed

Renewed rock focus, DS modes on Wii.

New Guitar Hero subtitle revealed?

Amazon reckons it's Warriors of Rock.

Guitar Hero 6 drops playable stars

Series goes back to basics.