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Dusty Welch talks future plans, demos and more.

Guitar Hero has been in the headlines recently, but not just because of the PS2 sequel's success - or even because it's due out on Xbox 360 in the near future. No, these particular headlines focused on news that original developer Harmonix would no longer be working on the series, which would instead continue on at Tony Hawk developer Neversoft.

Guitar Hero II

It's customary to try to be loudest during practice.

As the game rightly points out, you only need one person with a mohawk in your band. But do you only need one Guitar Hero game in your life?

FeatureGuitar Hero II

E3: Onboard the Harmonix tour bus.

E3 is distinctly NOT rock and roll. Some of you might have visions of us running around a room packed with game developers, swigging Martinis and shooting the breeze about our Geometry Wars score, pausing to pose with totty and then sprinkling a few hundred inebriated words into a document. Which - well, to be fair, I am drunk - but the point is that the reality is different. Really we all just stand around moaning, play some games while being jostled by thousands of people, who inexplicably paid $200 to wander around the same room as us collecting brochures and then pass out with six bags on each trunklike arm, before slugging our way crosstown to hammer two thousand words into a vaguely coherent, you know, thing. Me-do.