GTI Club Supermini Festa!

Download Games Roundup

Download Games Roundup

Balls! Pinballs! Fluid! Glow! GTi!

One day publishers will all collectively bang their heads together and figure out what they ought to be charging for downloadable games - and by extension, downloadable content.

On the one hand, you've got the likes of Rockstar effectively slinging out an excellent Red Dead Redemption sequel for a mere 800 Microsoft Points (roughly £6.80), while on the other, you've got Konami putting out a wearisome PSP port of GTi Club Supermini Festa for £23.99.

And then, of course, you've got the whole pricing model of on-demand games, which invariably end up costing far more than you'd be able to pick them up in the shop - with none of the benefits of being able to lend them to mates or trade them in at a later date. Right now, it seems like many publishers simply haven't got a clue, while others, like Rockstar and Zen Studios - the makers of the marvellous Pinball FX 2 - show how it should be done.

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GTI Club zips onto Wii

Supermini Festa! for spring.

Konami is bringing GTI Club to Wii next spring, as Supermini Festa! (working title) revs up for launch.