Grow Home

Grow Home elevates climbing and collecting things to a new level of playfulness.

VideoWatch: What makes a game indie?

Good question, Eurogamer show.

Earlier this week, Tom and Aoife got their hands on Unravel, the cutesy platformer developed by ColdWood Interactive and published by EA. As they played, they got to wondering - seeing that this undeniably indie-feeling game is being published by one of the biggest companies going, can it really be called an indie?

Eurogamer's top 50 games of 2015

The full list, as voted for by Eurogamer's editorial team.

We've tended to shy away from lists in the past at Eurogamer, but when there's the opportunity to hastily slap up an index of games in order to spend another couple of days doing sod all, why not?

If you play enough first-person shooters, something really weird can set in from time to time - something strangely off-putting. In certain games the depth of the environment can drop away after a while, the world steadily losing its tangibility, and you start to realise that, underneath everything - or maybe somehow above everything - you're just a reticule scudding over the screen, roving and hovering and blasting.

Earlier this month Sony launched its Vote to Play feature in which PS Plus members could vote on which game they'd like to see added as a free offering in the Instant Games Collection. Now, that winner has been announced as Grow Home for PS4.

Grow Home review

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The roots that clutch.

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It can be hard to remember the precise moment that you fall in love with a game, but it's comparatively easy to remember the moment you realise - yes! - that the game you love is truly worth it. Night had fallen, and I was down by the shore, under the shadow of a huge, soaring vine. The sea was still - the sea is always still - but at the edge of the bay I could spy a cluster of objects bobbing around. Two of them in particular stood out to me: football-sized lumps of green stuff, glowing gently in the dark. That's the moment. I love Grow Home. And it's worth it.

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Video: Watch us fall out of the sky in Grow Home

Ubisoft's latest is a dazzler.

Our Grow Home review won't be up until next week - partly because I'm still gadding around taking screenshots of the sunset. I really wanted to bring you something about the game before then, though, because Ubisoft's quirky platformer is a real delight.