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XBLA double tomorrow

GripShift, Arkadian Warriors.

Xbox Live Arcade will be alive with the roar of flying car engines and the steady rumble of subterranean thumping tomorrow when Sidhe Interactive's GripShift and Sierra Online's Arkadian Warriors announce themselves at 9am GMT.

GripShift sequel 'on the cards'

GripShift sequel 'on the cards'

Sidhe boss tells Eurogamer.

Sidhe Interactive boss Mario Wynands says that a sequel to the PSN and PSP title - due out next month on Xbox Live Arcade - is "definitely on the cards".

Speaking exclusively to Eurogamer in an interview published this morning, Wynands said the developer had "a lot of great ideas".

"Strong sales of the XBLA version will help make that a reality, and we are confident that we will achieve our projected goals."

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GripShift PS3 arrives in Europe

With online stats and a low price.

Those of you wondering where the rather splendid GripShift was on the PlayStation Network launch list will be pleased to learn that it turned up after all.

SOE unveils PSP games

SOE unveils PSP games

Two new puzzlers for autumn.

Because no handheld can ever have too many puzzle games in its back catalogue, Sony Online Entertainment has announced GripShift and FRANTIX for PSP.

Screeeeeenshots: FRANTIX and GripShift.

Both games will get a full unveiling at E3 next week, but SOE has revealed a few details to keep us occupied in the meantime.

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