The 'spiritual successor' industry reaches deep into the 90s game cupboard with this futuristic racer. Should we start asking why?

Grip: Combat Racing review - unrefined tribute to cult racer Rollcage

It's a marvel of modern video game economics that 'spiritual successors' have gone from game-forum daydreams to a viable cottage industry. Fuelled by crowdfunding and early access schemes and by an ageing gaming population with strong nostalgic yearnings, this industry is ready to honour any dormant title that still stirs fond memories, no matter how obscure. Rather sweetly, it also sometimes brings the games' original creators back into game development after decades away.

Grip: Combat Racing review

Developer: Caged Element

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Grip - spiritual successor to Rollcage - pulled in to Steam Early Access this week, bringing with it three playable tracks and a tremendous amount of engine noise. Having spent a couple of hours driving myself, quite literally, up the wall, I can confidently say that Grip shows tremendous promise but needs a bit of work.