The Great Giana Sisters

Great Giana Sisters coming to DS

Notorious Mario clone gets a second chance.

Unlikely as it may seem, late-80s collector's item and notorious Super Mario Bros clone The Great Giana Sisters is to get a DS release in Europe next June.

The Great Giana Sisters

The Great Giana Sisters

Absolutely no relation to Mario.

If the 'Super' Mario Brothers were ever to stop sodding about chasing after Princess Peach and get themselves girlfriends, they'd almost certainly be called Giana and Maria: The Great Giana Sisters.

But back in the summer of 1988, Nintendo wasn't amused at the idea, and when Rainbow Arts published a spot-on riff of the Big N's popular NES platformer on the C64, the legal eagles flexed their considerable legal muscles and forced this 96 % scoring game off retail shelves within days of its release.

It might have denied the vast C64 audience the chance to play arguably one of the best games ever made for the system in the short-term, but via piracy and emulation, this notorious title built up a huge following and was widely regarded as an all-time cult classic. Nevertheless, anyone who bagged an original copy is now holding onto a seriously valuable retro treasure.

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