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Gravity Crash Ultra launches in July on Vita

Gravity Crash Ultra launches in July on Vita

Lets you build levels and share them with the PS3 original.

Oddworld developer Just Add Water's upcoming twin-stick arcade shooter remake, Gravity Crash Ultra, is coming to Vita this July.

A remake of its 2009 PS3 affair, Gravity Crash, this "Ultra" rendition has been "reworked from the ground up" to support enhanced graphics and lighting, 60 fps, and it adds all new content like more ships and stages.

Furthermore, players will be able to create their own levels - which is now a touchscreen-friendly process - and share them with the original game on PS3.

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Sony details Sept/Oct PS Plus content

Sony details Sept/Oct PS Plus content

Warhawk! Ratchet! SSFIIHDR! Fish tank.

Sony has released details of September and October's PlayStation Plus content.

If you're signed up to the service already then treats available between now and 5th October include the full season of Sam & Max: Devil's Playground, a full game trial for Warhawk and a copy of Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee.

Then between 6th October and 2nd November you can look forward to a copy of Super Street Fighter II HD Remix, Syphon Filter for PSone and a full game trial of Gravity Crash, among other trinkets.

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Gravity Crash heads PSN Store update

Gravity Crash heads PSN Store update

Plus: Borderlands DLC! Madden Arcade!

It's not like us Europeans to take a day off work just to say thank you and shove large chunks of turkey in our gobs. No that wouldn't do at all. Instead here we are, WORKING, and telling you what's on the PlayStation Store.

To start there's Gravity Crash (6.29), a rare PSN exclusive made by Just Add Water and heavily promoted by Sony presumably as a game that can narrow the gap between PS3's online offerings and Xbox Live Arcade.

Or there's the first (always the most exciting) batch of DLC for Borderlands, The Zombie Island of Doctor Ned. This, as you may have seen, was reviewed on Eurogamer earlier this week.

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Gravity Crash lands on PSN next week

New Store refresher adds heaps.

Gravity Crash will be released this Tuesday 24th November on the PlayStation Store. We had expected Just Add Water's much-touted retro PSN game in December.

JAW dates Gravity Crash for PSN

Mystery iPhone and retro titles also on cards.

Stewart Gilray, head of indie development studio Just Add Water, has announced a definitive release date of November for PSN title Gravity Crash.

JAW working on three retro titles

"Lovers of eighties, nineties will be happy."

Just Add Water boss Stewart Gilray has revealed that his studio is working on three other games besides PSN game Gravity Crash.