Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Features

Feature | The mystery of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas' mass grave

How a random email sent me on a whodunnit that's gone unsolved for 17 years.

Feature | Rockstar's history of America

What do Rockstar games tell us about American history?

Digital Foundry | GTA: San Andreas HD on Xbox 360 is a mobile port

Is HD really the best format for this decade-old classic?

Feature | Who spilled Hot Coffee?

The man who uncovered gaming's greatest sex scandal.

Feature | Retrospective: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

How Rockstar's ambitious ghetto fable captures a blockbuster series in mid-evolution.

Feature | 2005 UK Sales Review

Part One: How current-gen consoles did in 2005.

Feature | Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

It's a "Blowout!" - yes, our tyres have exploded and apparently this means we have lots of new information. Trailers (yes, plural), new shots, co-op details, voice cast exposed, big guns, pedestrian interactions, soundtrack line-up, and on it goes...

Feature | GTA: San Andreas soundtrack listing

A list of all the songs you'll find on the game's various radio stations...

Feature | Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Los Santos

More from our first look at Rockstar North's big one.

Feature | Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

It's the biggest game of the year by a mile. Rockstar invited us in to take a look. Who were we to turn them down?

Feature | Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

It's a PS2 exclusive. Again. It's boasting a huge number of changes. Again. Whether it's a facility to rob houses, the chance to fatten up, or the addition of bicycles, it all sounds good. Best of all though, San Andreas is not a city - it's a state.