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When hearing the worlds 'video game camera' it's hard not to imagine the free-floating, functional thing dutifully framing your character's butt as they traverse the game world. Some games, however, do things a bit differently - putting a camera into the hands of the characters themselves.

Greetings Eurogamers! We're back with another three videos to briefly distract you from pondering the many, many ways Earth could be destroyed, rendering humanity extinct in one fell swoop. Our favourite is gamma-ray bursts, incidentally.

VideoVideo: Six things first person mode brings to GTA 5

Dead cats, awkward sex and drive-by swearing.

Rockstar's remaster of GTA 5 is now in our hands, and it's quite the thing. It's quite the disturbing thing, it turns out, when it comes to the all-new first person mode, which gifts the cartoon violence an unpleasant edge and makes for what's perhaps one of the more crass sex scenes in gaming. Oh, and you can flip the bird at people while driving past, so there's that too! Have a look at it all in action in Ian Higton's video.

It's shinier of course - Digital Foundry has detailed analysis of just how shiny it is - but the most notable new feature of Grand Theft Auto 5's new release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is a first-person camera mode.

GTA Online's creation tool has been online - albeit in beta form - for a day now, allowing the whole world to get doodling penises all over Los Santos. Now that the thrill of all that has died down, Ian Higton's going to be taking a look at it all this evening from 5pm GMT.

Hello Eurogamers. It's Eurogamer Expo week and as you read this, we're probably busy sprinting around the show floor playing games and chatting to developers. Keep an eye on Outside Xbox over the course of the weekend for more videos from the show as it happens and tune into our After Show Party livestreams at 7pm today and tomorrow.

Update: Thanks to some technical difficulties yesterday, Ian only managed three of his planned four Grand Theft Auto 5 live streams, which you can watch below. He'll be back at 5pm UK time today (6pm central European time) for a fourth stream in which he's going to try out some of the game's cheat codes to see how much chaos he can cause in 90 minutes. Watch below or over at the Eurogamer YouTube channel. Warning! Spoilers ahead!

VideoLet's Play Grand Theft Auto 5

Spoiler-free tours of Los Santos by ground and air.

Hopefully by now you've read my Grand Theft Auto 5 review and discovered that, against all odds, I'm a huge fan of it. While you wait to get your hands on the game - or perhaps while you sit at work later this week daydreaming about playing it again when you get home - why don't you join me for a quick tour of the city of Los Santos?

Here are a few things you may have missed in the GTA 5 trailer

VideoHere are a few things you may have missed in the GTA 5 trailer

Weapon wheels, returning favourites and nob gags, of course.

Yesterday was a good day. Rockstar's got the knack of making the internet stop in its tracks whenever it deems us all worthy of another look at its new beau, and the latest Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer was no exception. We'd all heard all the splendid things about how Rockstar North's game would be offering up the most expansive open world, and how the mechanics have learnt from the likes of Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption, but seeing it all come together in action was something else. This really looks like the San Andreas follow-up everyone's been wishing for.

Chris has already explored why exactly the series has plumped for comedy, and now here's a chance to rewind and pick out some of the smaller details in the trailer. This is far from a comprehensive list - and if you've got more you've picked up, please let us know - but it's a little insight into what to expect when GTA 5 finally launches on September 17. That date really can't come soon enough.

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