Grand Theft Auto IV Features

Feature | Rockstar's history of America

What do Rockstar games tell us about American history?

Digital Foundry | Grand Theft Auto 4 runs faster on Xbox One

UPDATED: The Lost and the Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony also tested via backward compatibility.

Digital Foundry | Inside Digital Foundry: What Grand Theft Auto 4 did for us

How the Rockstar classic shaped the way that we look at games.

Feature | Saturday Soapbox: Gameplayed

This time, game plays YOU.

Feature | Bowling for Liberty

From the archive: Why GTA4's Roman Bellic is one of the greatest video game characters of all time.

Feature | Cheap This Week - 01/06/11

Battlefield! GTA! Broken Sword! AssBro!

Feature | Thriving Core

Take-Two's sales figures suggest there's never been a better time to be a core gamer.

Feature | Take-Two's Ben Feder

The bossman on GTA, Agent, violence and art.

Grand Theft Auto IV

You've Been Framed for murder.

Feature | Grand Theft Auto IV: PS3 vs. Xbox 360 Special

Including high-def video split down the centre.

Grand Theft Auto IV Multiplayer

Load up on guns and kill your friends.

Feature | Grand Theft Auto IV Gameplay Video Roundup

Lots of direct-feed of our favourite bits.

Feature | Grand Theft Auto IV's Aaron Garbut: Part 1

Rockstar's art director on how GTA is made.

Feature | Grand Theft Auto IV: The Story So Far

We look at what we know, and what it might mean.

Feature | 360: 2007's Most Wanted

What will you be getting for Christmas?