Gran Turismo News

Sony unveils UMD Passport, PSP to Vita charge

UPDATE: Sony takes steps to prevent players cheating the system.

Which Gran Turismo game sold most?

Clue: it's not the PSP one.

PSP's adhocParty system for Europe

Play ad hoc-only games over the internet.

GT PSP special editions detailed

Collector's game and PSP3000 bundle.

Get GT PSP free with PGPgo in October

Just register before the 10th. Simples.

Lamborghini to appear in Gran Turismo

Sony licences supercars for PSP and beyond.

No DLC for Gran Turismo PSP

More than 800 cars promised though.

Turn 10: Polyphony checked out Forza

GT devs dropped in to take notes at E3.

E3: Yamauchi: We could release GT5 now

Must be perfect. PSP connectivity possible.

E3: Gran Turismo PSP in October

Demoed and dated in Sony conference.

Gran Turismo 5, PSP "moving forward"

So says Yamauchi himself.

Gran Turismo PSP is coming, says Sony

It's just taking a bit of time.

Gran Turismo series ships 50m

That's a lot of driving in circles.

Gran Turismo could come to PC

So says Kazunori Yamauchi.

Yamauchi: GT PSP unlikely this year

Pushed back by PS3 development.

PSP Gran Turismo lives

Still planned post-GT5.

GT4 Mobile not canned

Polyphony denies reports.

GT4 Mobile drifts into 2006

We're still holding.