Gran Turismo 5 News

Is this our first hint at the Gran Turismo 6 track list?

Never-before-seen tracks appear as Polyphony unveils new cars for GT5.

A brace of new cars added to Gran Turismo 5 have afforded us a look at a slew of new tracks that may come to Polyphony's racer - or perhaps have enabled a glimpse at the track list for the inevitable Gran Turismo 6.

GT5 update ups maximum RPM of HSV-010 to 10300 rpm

Some two years after its initial release and Polyphony's Gran Turismo 5 is to receive another update - although it brings only the most minimal of improvements to the PlayStation 3 racer.

Update 2.09 fixes some disparities with the tyre and fuel depletion, and adds a new option that allows players to set how quickly each of those elements deplete. That's not all! There are also improvements to the scoring of the Drift Trials, while a handful of track-specific bugs have also been ironed out.

Polyphony's saved the best for last, though. The maximum rpm of the Honda HSV-010 has been changed to 10300 rpm, and its engine note has also been modified.

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UK chart: FIFA 13 sells 1 million copies in a week

UK chart: FIFA 13 sells 1 million copies in a week

Boots Borderland 2 from top spot.

Annual football fiesta FIFA 13 has sold a million copies during its first week on sale in the UK.

It becomes the fourth game in history to do this, following Call of Duty titles Black Ops, Modern Warfare 2 and 3.

Video game sales jumped by 196 per cent in the past seven days. FIFA 13 accounted for 71 per cent of all games sold and 80 per cent of all revenue from game sales - both of these figures are higher than last year.

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Wouldn't you like to virtually toss a gherkin into a roll instead of watch a boring-snoring advert for Subway? What do you think of shouting "McDonald's" at the television to make a McDonald's advert stop? How about playing a sponsored and multiplayer racing game during an advert break?

Sony announces Gran Turismo 5 Academy Edition

Sony has announced the Gran Turismo 5 Academy Edition, due out this autumn to coincide with the fourth year of the collaboration between the GT Academy and Nissan.

It's the original game with DLC already released for the PlayStation 3 exclusive racer and a new car:

Complete Pack (Car Pack, Course Pack, Special Paint Pack, Racing Gear Pack).

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PlayStation 3D Monitor launched in UK

PlayStation 3D Monitor launched in UK

Sony's £449.99 SimulView display now available.

Sony's PlayStation 3D Monitor is now available to buy in the UK. It costs £449.

It's designed to allow cheaper access to 3D visuals via the display's 24-inch (1920x1080) screen.

The 3D Monitor's SimulView screen allows two players to see completely different images when wearing special 3D glasses, allowing for full-screen multiplayer play.

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New Gran Turismo 5 update goes live

New Gran Turismo 5 update goes live

Patch 2.04 improves online performance.

A new update has just gone live for PlayStation 3 racer Gran Turismo 5, developer Polyphony Digital has announced.

The patch addresses various bugs and glitches, as well as making some improvements to online performance.

Here's the full changelog, as posted on the game's official site:

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New Gran Turismo 5 DLC announced

New Gran Turismo 5 DLC announced

Additional car pack and test track due next week.

A fresh batch of Gran Turismo 5 DLC rolls out of Sony's garage on 18th January, the platform holder has announced.

Car Pack 3 features six new cars to get to grips with - the Lamborghini Aventador, Jaguar XJR9, Aston Martin V12 Vantage 2011, VW 1200 1966, Mini Countryman S 2011 and Nissan Leaf. It will set you back €5.99 or your regional equivalent.

A separate Speed Test Pack offers a new oval test track and a performance measurement mode which lets you compare stats and data for all your vehicles. That's priced at €4.99.

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EU PlayStation Store update 19th October

EU PlayStation Store update 19th October

GT5 and Deus Ex DLC! Worms! Okabu!

A fresh payload of Gran Turismo 5 content headlines this week's PlayStation Store update.

Priced £9.49 (or £7.19 for PlayStation Plus members), the Complete Pack includes new cars, courses, paint jobs and car gear, all also available separately.

There's a healthy offering of new games on offer too, including bullet hell shmup Beat Hazard Ultra, Worms Crazy Golf and cute but disappointing Okabu.

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Gran Turismo 5 DLC UK price confirmed

Sony has confirmed UK prices for the hotly anticipated Gran Turismo 5 downloadable content.

The Course Pack, which includes two new tracks - SPA-Francorchamps (with weather effects) and Kart Space I/II (Normal and Reverse for each), costs £3.19.

The Racing Car Pack, which adds the evolution model of the X2010 ultimate racing machine, the Red Bull X2011, and a line-up of specially tuned touring cars, costs £6.29.

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Gran Turismo 5 DLC cars listed

Racing pedigree cars join the fray.

The newest entries to Gran Turismo 5's garage have been revealed, with 15 new vehicles coming to the game through next week's downloadable content.

Gran Turismo 5 DLC detailed

Polyphony's spoiler pack introduces Spa.

Gran Turismo 5's first paid for downloadable content is coming nearly a year after the game first released - and it's bringing with it Belgium's famed Spa-Francorchamps circuit.

Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2.0 release date

Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2.0 release date

Available on 11th October.

Free Gran Turismo 5 update Spec 2.0 will be released on 11th October, a post on the European PlayStation blog has announced.

The post follows a series of tweets by game creator Kazunori Yamauchi that revealed the changes Spec 2.0 will bring.

"We've tried to include the feedback we've received from all our players," Yamauchi tweeted.

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GT5 Spec 2.0 update to launch October

GT5 Spec 2.0 update to launch October

With fresh DLC to follow.

PlayStation 3 exclusive simulation racer Gran Turismo 5 will receive its Spec 2.0 update in the third week of October, series producer Kazunori Yamauchi has revealed.

New DLC will follow a week later, Yamauchi confirmed via Twitter.

Yamauchi previously tweeted that players should expect the Spec 2.0 update to include additional features and content.

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Gran Turismo 5 patch 1.11 released

Gran Turismo 5 patch 1.11 released

Brings NASCAR Seasonal Event.

Gran Turismo 5 has been updated to version 1.11.

The patch measures 62MB, and focuses on fixing bugs and glitches, according to GTPlanet.

It also brings a new NASCAR Seasonal Event that offers Jeff Gordon's racing suit and helmet as a special prize. Maybe he doesn't need them anymore.

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Le Mans glory for GT Academy winner

Gamer finishes second at legendary race.

A former winner of Sony's annual Gran Turismo Academy competition has scored a podium finish at this year's Intercontinental Le Mans Cup. Yes, the real thing.

Gran Turismo 5 patch 1.10 released

Gran Turismo 5 patch 1.10 released

Prizes! Easier saves! Better AI! More.

Gran Turismo 5 update 1.10 has been released on PlayStation Network.

The patch address "a few issues" and makes "a few simple improvements", wrote brand manager Penrose Tackie on the European PS blog.

Update 1.10 also adds online event prizes, easier part purchasing, better AI, racing gear, music tracks and a way to interrupt and save games during Championship mode.

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Gran Turismo 5 clothing line launched

Gran Turismo 5 clothing line launched

Vorsprung durch boutique.

Looking for something a little more urbane from your default gaming uniform than pants and a gravy-stained T-shirt? Sony thinks it has the answer – a line of classy Gran Turismo-branded leisure wear.

As detailed on the Gran Turismo Boutique online store, you can now dress yourself in a range of jackets and shirts all with discreet GT logos hidden away on them somewhere.

Chic doesn't come cheap, mind. The top-of-the-line Endurance jacket is going for $199 (around £122), while a plain T-shirt demands $24.00 (around £15) – and that's before you add tax and postage.

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GT5 patch 1.06 adds remote racing

GT5 patch 1.06 adds remote racing

300MB file also has Performance Points.

Remote racing has been added to Gran Turismo 5, courtesy of brand new patch 1.06 - a 300MB download.

Remote racing allows you to start and monitor B-Spec GT5 races on PS3 by using a web browser - either on a PC or a mobile device.

Patch 1.06 introduces Performance Points to to online races, which should serve as a kind of matchmaking tool. And you'll now be able to use Course Maker courses in online races, although they'll need to have been made post-update.

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Gran Turismo Anywhere out early Feb

Odd GT5 feature about to leave the garage.

Gran Turismo Anywhere, the curious feature that allows gamers to interact with a Gran Turismo 5 race from a PC, will launch in early February.

Sony launches GT5 Mercedes comp

Sony launches GT5 Mercedes comp

Signature Ed. owners: now's your chance.

Sony has just announced details of how to enter the competition included in the Signature Edition of Gran Turismo 5 to win a £150,000 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, the first phase of the competition will be open from 27th December until 23.59pm on 31st January 2011.

Here's what you need to do to be in with a chance of walking away with some flash new wheels:

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Gran Turismo 5 gets 608MB patch

Gran Turismo 5 gets 608MB patch

UPDATE: Sony reveals all.

UPDATE: Sony has confirmed the contents of this huge patch to Eurogamer. From the horse's mouth, they are:

Seasonal Events: [Seasonal Events] has been added to the upper left of the [GT Mode] - [GT Life] screen. From here you can participate in official events being held for a limited time. In these events, all participants are under the same regulations, and if you complete the event you will win rewards and experience. Compete on the leader boards with players around the world, in Time Trials and Drift Trials!

Hot Car Dealer: A [Hot Car Dealer] has been added to the left center of the [GT Mode]-[GT Life] screen. In the Hot Car Dealer you'll find popular and rare used cars.You might just come across that one car you've always been looking for, that you haven't been able to find in the [Used Car Dealer]

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GT5 gets free Christmas DLC

New cars available for limited time.

Gran Turismo 5 developer Polyphony Digital is getting in the Christmas spirit and offering free DLC for the game over the festive period.

Yamauchi to upgrade GT5 standard cars

To beef up the 200-odd premium flock.

More cars in the Gran Turismo 5 garage are to be given the premium treatment, according to creator Kazunori Yamauchi - which means they'll soon be more detailed and allow an interior view.

Kinect bundles outsell Move bundles 5-1

Plus: GT5, Donkey Kong sales figures.

Xbox 360 Kinect bundles outsold PlayStation 3 Move bundles by a factor of more than five to one in the US last month, according to a retail analyst.

Which Gran Turismo game sold most?

Clue: it's not the PSP one.

Why does Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of Gran Turismo, get special dispensation from Sony when he makes a game? Because each main Gran Turismo release has sold roughly 10 million copies - or more.

Play GT5 on PC "early next year"

Yamauchi makes another promise.

"Early next year", you'll be able to monitor a Gran Turismo 5 race from your PC, and even issue basic commands such as 'enter the pits' or 'overtake'.

Damage patch for Gran Turismo 5

As of today, you can smash and trash those beautiful cars in Gran Turismo 5 - mechanical damage has been added.

You can do the demolishing alone or you can head online and revel in the destruction of beauty together, according to TheSixthAxis. And when you're online you'll be able to choose whether damage will be light or heavy or not present at all.

The Gran Turismo 5 damage patch is a beefy 150MB. You'll need to grab today's PS3 firmware update at the same time.

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GT5 tops Japan charts

Sony's racer jumpstarts PS3 sales too.

Gran Turismo 5 topped the Japanese Media Create charts after its first week on release, selling an impressive 430,707 copies.

Gran Turismo 5 updates detailed

Gran Turismo 5 updates detailed

Another one scheduled for early this month.

Polyphony boss Kazunori Yamauchi has revealed in detail his plan to update Gran Turismo 5 with improvements, beginning with an update scheduled for early this month.

Writing on his Twitter account (translated by Andriasang) Yamauchi revealed Polyphony is looking into a raft of features that may end up being added to the game.

For example, Polyphony is looking into adding a YouTube video upload feature, which was in the game at one point before being dropped because of a lack of memory.

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GT5 update confirmed for Saturday

GT5 update confirmed for Saturday

Yamauchi – online in a "critical state".

An update for gargantuan simulation racer Gran Turismo 5 will be released on Saturday 27th November, creator Kazunori Yamauchi has confirmed to Eurogamer in a new interview.

"We received a lot of demands for having more regulations placed on the online play. We're going to perform an update on the 27th that will include things like max power restrictions and weight restrictions," Yamauchi said.

"It's like a living creature, dynamically growing as we speak."

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Kaz not sure if GT6 will be on PS3

Plus: online matchmaking update confirmed.

Polyphony Digital head Kazunori Yamauchi has told Eurogamer that he "doesn't know" if the next Gran Turismo game will release for PlayStation 3 or the next generation of console hardware.

Free PS3/GT5 with Bravia 3D tellies

Plus: UK-wide GT5 competition underway.

Sony's great 3D push has kicked on today with the release of Gran Turismo 5 - the first stereoscopic 3D racing game on the market, apparently, presumably if you don't count WipEout HD, Ridge Racer 7, et al.

Sony: The world still loves Gran Turismo

GT5 "takes your breath away".

Has the gaming world left Gran Turismo behind? Is the simulation racer still relevant in today's fragmented, socially networked word? For Sony, the answer is, unequivocally, yes.

GT5: Day one update unlocks online

GT5: Day one update unlocks online

UPDATE: Unlocked features revealed.

UPDATE: This just in from Eurogamer Reviews Editor Oli Welsh: The patch was 133MB and downloaded and installed in a couple of minutes. When the game booted, it then recommended a further install from disc which took about five minutes.

It unlocks open and private racing lobbies, community features such a meassage board, mail and gifts, Gran Turismo TV (a store for downloading video content - all free at the moment), the Museum (cards/photos about automotive history that can be traded) and a news service on the title screen.

ORIGINAL STORY: You'll only be able to play Polyphony Digital's PlayStation 3 exclusive racer Gran Turismo 5 online if you download a day one update, Eurogamer can reveal.

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GT5 installs while played - Sony

If you say no to 6.4GB one-off.

You don't have to wait the best part of an hour for Gran Turismo 5 to install - you can opt for the game to unpack chunks as you play, Sony explained this afternoon.

Play GT5, become a pro racer

Comp offers chance to become real driver.

After so many years in development we'd hope that Gran Turismo 5 offers some moderately realistic racing action. However, Sony reckons its racer is so lifelike that it's offering gamers the chance to swap the controller for a real steering wheel and go pro.

GT5: A list of 1031 cars

Which one will you drive?

Gran Turismo 5 will offer over 1000 cars to race - and Eurogamer has reproduced the entire final listing below.

OFFICIAL: Gran Turismo 5 dated

Christmas is back on.

After half a decade of development and weeks of torturous speculation, Sony has finally dated perhaps the most anticipated PlayStation 3 game of all time - Gran Turismo 5.

GT5 date announcement imminent

GT5 date announcement imminent

Let's go round again.

Polyphony Digital boss Kazunori Yamauchi has tweeted that a Gran Turismo 5 date announcement is imminent.

"It looks like the release date is about to be announced," he wrote on Twitter according to Andriasang's translation.

Gran Turismo 5 has been firmly dated only once before, at E3 this year, when PlayStation 3 platform holder Sony said to expect it on 3rd November, but the release was delayed last month.

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GT5 out on 30th November?

Official Sony site reckons so.

Gran Turismo 5 will launch on 30th November, if a new listing on a Sony website is to believed.

We've started Gran Turismo 6 - Yamauchi

Will probably take five and a half years.

Gran Turismo 5 has been plagued by delays, and whether the game will launch this year still remains to be seen. But that hasn't stopped creator Kazunori Yamauchi revealing that work on the next instalment, Gran Turismo 6, has already begun.

"Not much hope" for GT5 in 2010 - source

But Sony sticks to "before Christmas".

Industry sources have expressed concern to Eurogamer that high-profile racing game Gran Turismo 5 will miss Sony's promised "before Christmas" release date and instead come out some time next year.

GT5 delay due to PS3 hack?

Leak: Sony lost manufacturing slot.

The delay to Sony's Gran Turismo 5 is a result of the recent PlayStation 3 hack causing Sony to shift manufacturing of game discs, an alleged insider has revealed.

GT5 delayed to "iron out kinks"

Yamauchi: "It's inexcusable..."

PlayStation 3 exclusive racer Gran Turismo 5 was delayed from 3rd November to "before Christmas" because the development team needed to iron out kinks, creator Kazunori Yamauchi has explained.

GT5 still set for

GT5 still set for "astronomical sales"

But could lose momentum if out after NFS.

Sony's high-profile PlayStation 3 exclusive racer Gran Turismo 5 will still enjoy spectacular sales despite suffering a delay, but could lose momentum if it's released after Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, analysts have said.

This afternoon Sony announced that Polyphony Digital's game would miss its announced 5th November release date and instead be out "before Christmas".

In a statement Sony said "creator Kazunori Yamauchi and the team at Polyphony Digital want to make certain they are creating a racing experience of the highest quality".

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Gran Turismo 5 delayed again

In Europe "before Christmas", says Sony.

Update 2: The European PlayStation blog has tweeted that a new Gran Turismo 5 date will be confirmed "before the end of the month".

Sony bundling PS3 and GT5 together

285 quid for 320GB model and GT5 CE.

European online retailers have started offering a 320GB PlayStation 3 Slim and the recently announced Gran Turismo 5 Collector's Edition together in a bundle.

New cars, tracks unveiled for GT5

Drive a VW van round Laguna Seca.

Gran Turismo brainbox Kazunori Yamauchi has revealed some of the new tracks and cars you'll find in the fifth instalment of the series.

Yamauchi mentions Gran Turismo 6

Kart racing was meant to be in it.

Polyphony Digital boss Kazunori Yamauchi has said that the kart racing features unveiled for Gran Turismo 5 at gamescom were originally destined for a future instalment in the long-running series.

GT5 Signature Edition costs €180

Toy car! Leather wallet! USB key!

For those who have everything there's the Signature Edition of Gran Turismo 5. It costs €179.99 and packs an SLS AMG toy car, black leather wallet, coffee table car art book, magazine with driving and tuning tips, USB key, key fob and a fancy "Obsidian Black" case.

Get your name in GT5 credits

Are your song titles as good as ours?

Sony and Polyphony want you to conjure a name for the song used in the E3 trailer of upcoming PS3-exclusive racer Gran Turismo 5.

Sony announces 3D line-up

Sony announces 3D line-up

MotorStorm, GT5, Sly, KZ3, more.

Sony has made a big song and dance about supporting 3D during its E3 press conference and said which titles will offer it on PS3.

Headliners include Killzone 3 - an extended demo of which was shown in stereoscopic 3D for everyone in the audience at the conference - and Gran Turismo 5, LittleBigPlanet 2 and MotorStorm: Apocalypse.

The rumoured Sly Raccoon Collection is another 3D-supporting title, and consists of HD updates of the excellent PS2 platform games.

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Gran Turismo 5 out in November

Much-delayed racer nearing launch.

Sony has announced that Polyphony Digital's oft-delayed racing game Gran Turismo 5 will be released on 2nd November for PS3 in North America.

Sony: "Games will lead the way" for 3D

Andrew House on 3D, Other OS, GT5, PSN.

SCEE president Andrew House has said that "games are a perfect fit with 3D" and expects them to "lead the way in consumer understanding of how 3D enhances the entertainment experience".

GT5 gets three Nürburgring courses

Grand Prix, Nordschleife and 24 Hours.

Polyphony Digital has revealed that there will be three circuits from Germany's motorsport Mecca, the Nürburgring, in Gran Turismo 5.

Gran Turismo 5 still isn't finished. In fact, Polyphony Digital boss Kazunori Yamauchi has made it sound as though it's in the same state it was five months ago, if not longer.

Sony denies confirming 3D for GT5

Sony denies confirming 3D for GT5

Qore made "erroneous inference".

Sony's said footage from Qore of PS3 games running in 3D was filmed for "demonstration purposes" and was not confirmation of feature support.

Official US web magazine Qore showed a video reel of various first-party games displayed in 3D. These included Killzone 2 and Gran Turismo 5 as well as LittleBigPlanet, Super Stardust HD and WipEout HD Fury.

"That last feature included interviews, footage from CES 2010, and a brief montage of SCEA titles intended as examples of what 3D gaming might encompass. It is hard to do justice to just how amazing 3D gaming looks in a 2D presentation—even in an HD product such as Qore," a Sony rep told IGN.

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Gran Turismo 5 "this fall" - Sony Europe

Timing TBD, but "before Christmas".

A Sony Computer Entertainment Europe executive has said that he expects Gran Turismo 5 to come out "this fall, before Christmas", while confessing the release date is "not yet decided".

Sony Europe comments on GT5 delay

"Only applicable for Japanese market."

Sony Europe has said that Gran Turismo 5's latest delay is "only applicable for the Japanese market", although the platform holder also declined to estimate when the game will be released.

GT5 demo downloaded a million times

Time Trial popular in Europe.

Sony has revealed that over one million gamers in Europe, Australia and New Zealand have downloaded the GT Academy Time Trial since launch on 17th December.

Gran Turismo helmsman Kazunori Yamauchi has taken his love of motorsport to the next level by completing a 25-hour endurance race, reports Kotaku.

Gran Turismo 5 for summer 2010?

Still a while to wait, says Sony.

Sony may not be planning to release Gran Turismo 5 here until summer 2010, if a recent comment by an SCEA rep is anything to go by.

Greenberg reckons Reach will lap GT5

Xbox exec gets a bit fighty.

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg reckons Halo: Reach will be king of the sales castle come the end of 2010 and has even dismissed competition from Gran Turismo 5.

Motorbikes in GT5 "a possibility"

Plus: Yamauchi drops more editor hints.

Kazunori Yamauchi hasn't ruled out including motorbikes in Gran Turismo 5, or even making a spin-off game especially for them.

Gran Turismo 5 to come on three discs?

Mock-up packaging hints at bulky bundle.

Those perceptive little prancing pony enthusiasts over at GT Planet have observed that Gran Turismo 5 may come on three discs when it's released next year.

Yamauchi hints at European GT5 date

It's likely to be similar to the Japanese one.

Polyphony Digital boss Kazunori Yamauchi has offered a hint at when the next Gran Turismo game will hit Western shelves.

PS3 250GB bundles priced, detailed

ACII! Uncharted 2! GT5! £299.99.

A trusted retail source has corroborated earlier reports and told Eurogamer that a 250GB PS3 Slim will arrive here as early as October, as part of three console-plus-game bundles.

GT5 has 1000 vehicles, out in Q4 2009

Website updates and brochures stack up.

Gran Turismo 5 will feature a massive 1000 vehicles, according to information reportedly posted on the official Polyphony Digital website, and should be released this year according to a gamescom brochure.

Turn 10: Polyphony checked out Forza

GT devs dropped in to take notes at E3.

When they weren't showing off Gran Turismo PSP on-stage at the Sony conference or giving interviews, folks from Polyphony Digital were apparently checking out the competition at E3.

Gran Turismo could come to PC

So says Kazunori Yamauchi.

Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi has said that a PC instalment in the hit racing series is something he'd consider doing in the future.

With just a few days to go until the release of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, it's been revealed that there's still around a year to wait for the full version.

Gran Turismo 5 next July

In Japan. Euro plans scarce.

Sony Europe has kept its lips sealed over the release date of Gran Turismo 5 in Europe, following news that the racing game is expected in Japan next July.

GT5 Prologue in October

In Japan, anyway.

Polyphony Digital has revealed that Gran Turismo 5 Prologue will be heading to the Japanese PlayStation Network in October.

E3: GT5 Prologue this year

Sony plates another taster.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue will be coming to the PlayStation Network later this year, Sony announced at its E3 conference yesterday evening.