Gradius Collection

Gradius Collection

Gradius Collection

Top grades.

Retro-games. Space Invaders and Ikaruga, Monkey Island and Super Monkey Ball, Donkey Kong and Super Mario 64, Game & Watch and Neo-Geo Pocket Color, 1975 and 1999, Pong and Virtua Tennis, Centipede and Final Fantasy VII.

Really the term means nothing. Other than perhaps functioning as a blanket label for all those games you can't buy in Tesco right this minute. Essentially it also classifies everything older than right now as obsolete - were you to apply it to films and music, you'd be comprehensively regarded as a clueless cultureless retard.

Whenever you hear a marketing man use the word 'retro' it's for one of two reasons: either he wants to lend his product an inferred modern frisson by classing everything that has gone before as superseded, or he wants to play on your maturing male sentimentality. In other words, he wants to sell you the future or the past depending on how it suits him. And so we end up with mixed messages, an unhealthy disregard for videogames past and a devaluation of good gameplay - whichever era in which it was born.

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