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GoldenEye 007

You know the name. You know the number.

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Here's what the cancelled GoldenEye 007 XBLA remaster looked like

Back in 2008 Rare was developing an HD remaster of its N64 FPS classic GoldenEye 007 to be released on XBLA. Unfortunately, copyright disputes with Nintendo saw the project shuttered.

Indeed, Microsoft remained cagey about its existence back in the day as it couldn't strike an arrangement with Nintendo to release Rare's classic on Microsoft's hardware.

But now that cancelled project has come to light in the following new video via Rare Thief.

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GoldenEye is proof of Wii "core" market

Nintendo: Bond revamp is a hit.

Activision's GoldenEye 007 revamp is doing great business on Wii, Nintendo has claimed, proof that there is a healthy market for core games on the system.

GoldenEye 007

GoldenEye 007

You know the name. You know the number.

For 13 years it's been the critic's go-to reference point for Bond games and movie tie-ins. Endless review introductions have pondered: 'Will this be the game to match GoldenEye 007's triumphs?' before meandering to their inevitable conclusion that, while a valiant effort has been made, the answer is still no. Double-oh-seven out of ten.

It's understandable. Rare's seminal Nintendo 64 first-person shooter popularised a console genre that has grown to become gaming's most prevalent and profitable. At a time when movie tie-ins were inevitably uninspired cash-ins, rushed through development in order to match their cinematic counterpart's release date, Rare's game arrived in its own time, long after the movie was out, treating the IP with unprecedented care. Those features that weren't raw innovations were at the very least game-changing improvements on what had gone before. Developed by a company at the height of its expertise and creativity, the shockwaves of the original GoldenEye 007's influence forever altered the FPS landscape.

Small wonder no Bond game has managed all that since. So after years of trying different approaches, Activision has asked the question: perhaps the secret of its success lay in the name? And in choosing to revisit one of gaming's best-loved titles, leaves us to tortuously ponder: will GoldenEye 007 be the game to match GoldenEye 007's triumphs?

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GoldenEye Classic Edition unlocks mode

Otherwise unlocked at level 35.

Buyers of the Classic Edition of Wii-exclusive shooter GoldenEye 007 will get access to the Classic Conflict mode from the get-go while others have to wait until they hit level 35 in online multiplayer to play it.

GoldenEye 007

Let's do the timewarp again...

It's not a remake, it's a re-imagining. Dangerous words, as Tim Burton discovered before curling one out all over the memory of The Planet of The Apes. However, while the original version of that film remains eminently watchable, videogames are a different beast. In gaming terms, 13 years is an epoch. GoldenEye may have (yawn) pioneered the first-person shooter genre on console, but anyone digging Ye Olde Nintendo 64 out of the loft for a quick blast would find a bewilderingly ugly game. It might have looked the business when Princess Diana was still warm and Oasis were a fresh-faced Slade tribute act, but time moves on apace.

Wii GoldenEye motivated by money - Hollis

Activision won't do original "justice".

Martin Hollis, he who made the original GoldenEye for N64, thinks there may be a strong whiff of money up Activision's nostrils when it comes to the new GoldenEye 007 Wii remake.

Several months ago, I went to visit Microsoft's UK headquarters and ended up seeing a man's heart breaking right in front of me. The man in question was an in-house XBLA producer who had just finished demoing the freshly-announced port of Perfect Dark to the European games press.

Wii GoldenEye controller for $70?

Gold-plated Classic or Klobb replica?

US retailer GameStop has listed a James Bond: GoldenEye controller for Wii for pre-order, for the princely sum of $69.99 (about 46 or 57).