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Is Godus dead?

"There's lots of areas to explore and finish."

Development on the PC version of Godus has ground to a halt, Eurogamer understands.

Peter Molyneux returns to Godus with RTS update

We haven't heard a peep out of Godus, Peter Molyneux's controversial god game, for nearly a year. Now, it's back in the news with the release of a free combat-focused update.

Godus Wars - out now on Steam as an Early Access title - is a single-player real-time strategy twist on 22cans' god sim game. It's a free update for existing Godus owners and Kickstarter backers, and replaces Godus on Steam (Godus Wars comes with Godus), priced 10.99.

You pick a deity and battle against rival computer-controlled gods for control of continents and, ultimately, the world. Before each map you pick a loadout of four God Power and troop buff cards from your deck, then head into battle.

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Molyneux's broken promise to Curiosity winner honoured by Devolver

Bryan Henderson is now a god in Not a Hero.

Earlier this week we detailed the story of Bryan Henderson, the 20-year-old man who won Peter Molyneux's iOS app, Curiosity, upon which he was promised to be the god of the studio's next game, Godus, and receive a portion of its revenue. Instead, all he got was a stupid T-shirt.

Godus is out now for free on iOS

PC version is getting a "spectacular, bonkers & undeniably amazing" feature.

Populus and Black & White creator Peter Molyneux has released his latest god game, Godus, on iOS today.